IBCC 2021 – Day 1 – Minute by minute

Follow the events of the VII. IBCC minute by minute. We’ll be reporting the details of the competition on our website. We’ll be near the most important events and then from 24th October, we’ll provide live broadcast during the period of the competition from our studio on the site!

Yesterday afternoon the pegs were drawn. The VII. IBCC starts today at 12:00 with 239 teams competing for one of the titles. The teams can take their places and set up camp at 7:00 am today.

The teams have occupied their pegs all over the lake. At 12:00am the VII. IBCC will oficially start with 239 teams competing. We eagerly await the first catches.

The 2021 IBCC has officially started. The lake is showing a truly beautiful side of itself, and the teams can get on the water in this amazing weather. The maximum fishing distance is 500m on both the northern and southern shoreline.

We were awaiting the 12:00 am start just as eagerly as the competing teams. Everybody came prepared and and was excited to get out on the 60000 acre “hungarian sea”. As soon as we get the news about the first catch we’ll tell you all about it.

Don’t forget, we will go live at 20:00 on the Fishing & Hunting channel and facebook page about all the interesting things going on in the competition and we have also prepared a game for the viewers!

And the first carp of the competition has been caught! The fish came out of the My Carp sector. The Bait Bait Pipecontrol.hu Team are responsible for catching this beautiful 8,75kg common carp. Congratulations!

The second carp of the VII. IBCC has arrived. It is a beautiful 9,47kg common carp caught in the Trakker Products sector. So far, the competitors only have two fish to show, but we are sure that this number will soon be multiplied.

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