IBCC 2020 – Day 5 – Minute by minute

Follow the events of the VI. IBCC minute by minute. We’ll be reporting the details of the competition on our website. We’ll be near the most important events and then from 22th October, we’ll provide live broadcast during the period of the competition from our studio on the site!

08:22 – By the morning, the situation has changed. During the night, the Mikbaits & Moraviafishing.cz team caught 13 weighable fish, so they have taken the lead. Our marshals are weighing fish continuously, and the catches are being uploaded to the results table.

08:55 – There has been a change in the biggest fish list too. The Szepezdi Extrémsport Szövetség (Szepezd Extreme Sport Club) landed a stunning 26,10 kg common . Congratulations!

10:00 – The total catch of the field is close to 7 tons. So far, the teams have caught 622 commons and 108 mirrors. The MIKBAITS-PARYS SK has made it to the podium in the TOP5, overtaking VMFishing. 9 carp over 20 kg have been weighed.

10:40 – The Team 4 Carp team fishing in Fonyód – Városi szabadstrand have received a yellow card. as they exceeded the 500 m maximum distance despite first level storm warning.

10:55 – There is a second level storm warning in the whole area of Lake Balaton. Therefore, using boats is forbidden!We kindly ask all teams to pay attention to the lights indicating the the storm, or download the application for this purpose.

11:15 – With their night catch, the Szepezdi Extrémsport Szövetség (Szepezd Extreme Sport Club) has broken the carp record of all the IBCC competitions. The fish weighed 26,10 kg.

12:18 – The Lojzi-DPH Team fishing in Siófok has made a big jump to the second place in the TOP5 thank to their 3 over 20 kg catches. This has never happened before in the history of IBCC.

13:10 – The Baitbox team fishing in Balatonalmádi used their boat during second level storm warning, which is strictly forbidden. The Competition Director had no other choice but to give a red card to the team, and therefore they cannot continue the competition. We kindly ask everyone to obey the competition rules.

Levels of storm warning


If the storm warning system is on basic level, the strongest gusts of wind in the following hours are not expected to exceed 40-45 km/h. In this case, the lights are off.


In case of first level storm warning, wind is expected to be stronger than 45 km/h, however, it will not exceed 60 km/h.The lights of the storm warning system flash 45 times per minute. In this case, it is forbidden to swim and to use boats or any other water sports equipment further than 500 meters from the bank. Thus, it is forbidden to fish the 550 m distance on the southern bank.


In case of second level storm warning, stormy wind – over 65 km/h – is expected. The lights of the storm warning system flash 90 times per minute. In this case, they indicate that the storm is going to arrive soon. It is forbidden to travel by boat or any other water sports equipment (except for sailing boats). Those who violate the rule behave irresponsibly and risk their life. In these cases, sanctions described in the competition rule enter into force.

14:13 – The teams have no mercy on our crew and of course our photographers either. Luckily, Lake Balaton is showing its bright side during the night, and we had lots of moments to record. We’ll show them to you in our live broadcast from 20:00. Let’s check out a few photos of the venue:

15:25 – The Renmar Team fishing in Balatonlelle has made a serious mistake. Unfortunately, they also ignored the second level warning, and went on the water by boat. The team received a red card, which means that the competition is over for them.

15:45 – Every team has been waiting for this! There is no second level storm warning on Lake Balaton anymore, only first level warning. The maximum distance where boats are allowed to be is 500 m on the southern bank, and 450 m on the northern bank.

16:05 – The Renmart 1 team ignored the second level storm warning, and as a result, received a red card. Unfortunately, the competition has ended for this team too.

17:30 – The most wonderful catches are arriving continuously in the IBCC!

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