IBCC 2020 – Day 3 – Minute by minute

Follow the events of the VI. IBCC minute by minute. We’ll be reporting the details of the competition on our website. We’ll be near the most important events and then from 22th October, we’ll provide live broadcast during the period of the competition from our studio on the site!

08:15 – We woke up to a cool and windy weather in the third morning of the VI. IBCC. The One Team 1 is still in the lead with 237 kg. You can clearly see in the results table that most fish are caught on the southern bank. So far, 68 teams have caught fish.

09:39 – The teams have caught a valid fish in each sector. The Sonik sector is leading the competition with 888 kg, and behind them the Trakker and Nikl Carp’R’Us sector. We are curious to see how this autumn weather will affect catches. Most of the catches were in the evening. For now, 4 over 20 kg carp were caught.

10:55 – Despite the slightly windy weather, the storm alarms are in basic mode, so every team can fish the maximum angling distance. The limit is 450 m on the northern bank, and 550 m on the southern side. Thanks to this, the teams are allowed to use their boats for taking in their rigs. 81 out of 200 teams have a valid catch.

12:00 – During the competition, we are prepare a live show for you every evening from 20:00 on The Fishing and Hunting Channel and Facebook page. Besides this, the results table is constantly being updated. You can follow the top 5 competition, and of course, the biggest fish competition too.

Watch our live shows again HERE!

13:00 – So far, daytime hours are relatively calm, most of the teams catch fish during the night. There is a valid catch in each sector, but more than half of the teams are not in the results table yet. Many are expecting a change in the weather, which might come soon. This will have a positive effect on the appetite of carp.

14:30 – Let’s take a look at the numbers, the current data:

So far, 83 teams have caught a valid fish, which means 2511 kg of total catch.

Commons are leading the competition, as 226 scaley fish and only 38 mirrror were weighed.

The average catch of the field is 9,51 kg. We can be proud of 11 fish between 15-20 kg.

16:30 – Our photographer colleagues are moving around the venue of the VI. IBCC recording every important moment. Here are a few photos taken today which summarize what is the IBCC about!

17:30 – The One Team 1 team is leading the competition with 284 kg of total catch. After them there is the Mikbaits & Moraviafishing.cz team with less than 200 kg, and in third place we have the VMFISHING with 117 kg.

18:30 – So far, the MIKBAITS-PARYS SK team is likely to win the biggest fish category with a stunning 24.93 kg carp. After them there is the VMFISHING with 22.10 kg. The TOP 5 is lead by VMFISHING with 73.73 kg.

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