IBCC 2020 – Day 1 – Minute by minute

Follow the events of the VI. IBCC minute by minute. We’ll be reporting the details of the competition on our website. We’ll be near the most important events and then from 22th October, we’ll provide live broadcast during the period of the competition from our studio on the site!

07:22 – The VI. IBCC kicks off with wonderful weather! The competition will start at 12:00!

08:19 – During the registration, 200 teams arrived at the competition. The peg draw was carried out yesterday in the evening live. You can check out the pegs HERE.

08:58 – Watch our live show from yesterday evening here:

09:14 – The teams could occupy their pegs drawn in the live show from 07:00 a.m. Boat check is carried out by the marshals before the start of the competition. Maximum angling distance is 550 m on the southern bank and 450 m on the northern bank. The VI. IBCC will start today at 12:00!

09:49 – Compared to the previous years, the rules of releasing the fish have become stricter. Weighing can be done only in the presence of a another person from the neighboring team. After the weighing procedure, the marshal or the member of the neighboring team can release the fish.

11:30 – The VI. IBCC starts in half an hour on the Hungarian sea! 200 teams are ready and waiting for 12:00! Right now, the weather is wonderful, the sun is shining, and thanks to this, there is no storm warning.

12:25 – The VI. IBCC has started without any difficulties! The teams are on the water looking for the spots. The weather is very favorable as there is no storm warning. We’re awaiting the first catches!

13:20 – Don’t forget, we’re awaiting you with a live show this evening too on The Fishing and Hunting Channel and also on its Facebook page. In our short summaries, we’ll show you what happened today, the most important moments of the competition, and of course, we’ll have a prize game too.

14:30 – Unfortunately, the first yellow card of the VI. IBCC has been handed out. The Rézüst Carp Team fishing on Balatonakarattya – Lido beach ignored an important point from the Competition Rules, so they received 8-hour suspension of angling. According to the Competition Rules, during the whole period of the competition, at least one person must be on the shore under all circumstances. We kindly ask all teams to obey the rules for their own sake!

15:37 – Three and a half hours have passed since the beginning of the competition, and now we have the first catch! The Mikbaits & Moraviafishing.cz team fishing on the beach in Fonyód, Also Bélatelep could land a stunning 12.6 kg carp. Congratulations!

16:10 – Not only our film crews, but also our photographers are working hard. They are back with wonderful photos from different places around Lake Balaton.

17:12 – So far, there is one fish that could be weighed, but according to some predictions, we can expect great catches. The IBCC have been organized only in the spring, so this autumn period is unknown for the teams. However, we all know that autumn is a big fish season. Don’t forget, we’ll go live from 20:00!

18:00 – Lake Balaton is showing its bright side today, not only when it comes to the weather, but also catching fish. It’s almost unbelievable, but 6 hours after the start of the competition, we have the first carp over 20 kg. Congratulations to Bait Bait Pipecontrol.hu Carp Team! The exact weight of the fish: 21.25kg.

19:35 – Currently, The One Team 1 leads the competition with 22.02 kg. Our live show starts soon at 20:00, where our reporters will go live from various sites. Of course, we’ll have a prize game today too!


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