IBCC 2019 – Day 7 – Minute by minute

Follow the events of the V. jubilee IBCC minute by minute. We’ll be reporting the details of the competition on our website. We’ll be near the most important events and then from 13th April, we’ll provide live broadcast during the period of the competition from our studio on the site!

07:15 – By the last morning of the competition, Lake Balaton still had some surprises! We’ve crossed 25 tons of total catch! The Deepex Lithuania is still leading with 621 kg. The GMF Navitas Hungary has made a big jump to the second step of the podium with 501 kg. The GMF Navitas Hungary is the third with 472 kg!

08:00The V. IBCC has ended! More than 26 tons of carp over 5 kg! Even during the last hours of the competition, many wonderful carp were put in the cradles. 218 teams have catches!

08:41 – The data on the catches are still flowing in. As there isn’t a news blackout, the current results, which are stilll not final, are available.

09:04The V. IBCC has ended! Our crew visited the winning team! We can’t describe their hapiness, but the photos speak for themselves!
Deepex Lithuania – 629,81kg – Badacsonyörs – Camping
The closing ceremony starts today at 14:00. Of course, we’ll broadcast the event live on our usual sites.

10:09 – By the end of the competition, the teams have packed their tackle. Right now they’re waiting for the closing ceremony which is in Hotel Club Tihany. We’ll broadcast the prize giving live from 14:00.

12:50 – The stage is ready, the teams are gathering together, as the prize giving ceremony starts soon. We’ll broadcast the event live on The Fishing and Hunting Channel, on its Facebook page, and on the IBCC website!

15:29 – The atmosphere was great in the closing ceremony of the competition, where the greeting of the teams and sponsors was followed by the most exciting part: the announcement of prizes. RESULTS

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