IBCC 2019 – Day 5 – Minute by minute

Follow the events of the V. jubilee IBCC minute by minute. We’ll be reporting the details of the competition on our website. We’ll be near the most important events and then from 13th April, we’ll provide live broadcast during the period of the competition from our studio on the site!

The Trakker Team fishing in Alsóörs – Strandfürdő weighed a stunning, 26 kg common!

08:41 – We are over 10 tons of total catch. We have more than 12 tons! Check out the list of the results, HERE!

08:50 – Don’t forget the repeat of yesterday’s live show starts in a few minutes on The Fishing and Hunting Channel!

09:10 – The first two team on the leader board can still keep their position! However, the Angelshop-Nexing / Aquaborne team, fishing in Pálköve – Kőrakodó, have worked their way up to the third place of the podium with 249,87 kg! Right behind them is the FUKY-CSOKI TEAM, who also fished really well as they are on the fourth place with 227,66 kg. So far the competitiors have caught 1426 fish. All of them over 5 kg.

10:10 – Two teams have been given a yellow card. The Imothep Baits Slovakia ,fishing on peg 19, and the CarpKteam ,fishing on peg 20, placed their rigs above 350 m! Suspension of angling for 8 hours has started for both teams.

10:59 – The weather is still wonderful over Lake Balaton during the V. IBCC. The storm indicators are still showing basic warning, so all teams can use their boats!

11:36 – You can rewatch our show on the link below. We present the most important events that happened yesterday! https://livestream.com/ibsbroadcast/ibcc5en

11:55 – The Trakker team is leading the biggest fish competition with this wonderful 26 kg common!

12:30 – The Nikl & Carp R Us & Habakuk is really picking up as they managed to get to the third place with 264,08 total catch. The Angelshop-Nexing / Aquaborne is not too far behind them with 258,52 kg. The field have caught more than 13 tons of carp! Check out our results where you can also see which teams are in the lead regarding the different categories. RESULTS

13:05 – There is again a really small difference between the first two teams.

  1. Dan Draguloiu Team – 340,99kg
  2. The One Team Romania – 327,68kg

14:11 – We are close to 15 tons. 1634 carps above 5kg caught, out of which 1382 common and 252 mirror carps! Out of 249 teams 195 have offical catches.

14:50 – Here is a beautiful over 20 kg carp from the Balaton on the V. IBCC from the Rézüst Carp Team!

15:47 – Inter Carp Team fishing on the Vonyarcvashegy-Lidostrad received a yellow card, as all three team members were on water at the same time. The 8 hour penalty has started.

16:31 – Check out our gallery HERE! It’s being updated continuously!

17:07 – Today in our live broadcast in the evening we’ll summarize the most exciting events of the day.Don’t forget that we’ll broadcast the show from 20:00 on The Fishing and Hunting Channel, on its Facebook page, and on the IBCC website!

17:25 – Over 15 tons!! Leaders are very close to each other in the race, between the 1st and 3rd the difference is less the 30 kg. RESULTS

19:05 – There are 37 hours left from the competition, the total catch is 15433 kg with 1766 carp. 8 teams have managed to catch a 20+ fish and more than 50 teams have caught a 15+. Out of 249 teams, 197 caught a carp over 5 kg. RESULTS

19:35 – Another yellow card. The Team B+B team, fishing on peg 65, received a yellow card warning as a result of getting on the water without a life vest.

19:49 – Stay with us our broadcast of the V. IBCC starts soon on The Fishing and Hunting Channel, our Facebook page, and on the IBCC website.

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