IBCC 2019 – Day 4 – Minute by minute

Follow the events of the V. jubilee IBCC minute by minute. We’ll be reporting the details of the competition on our website. We’ll be near the most important events and then from 13th April, we’ll provide live broadcast during the period of the competition from our studio on the site!

08:07 – Wonderful weather and incredible catches on the V. IBCC, Wednesday morning.
The weight of the biggest fish has been broken!
The Jet Fish SK team fishing in Balatonmáriafürdő – Center beach landed a stunning 24,85 kg common!
We’ll report about the details soon!

08:41 – We could make sure again that Lake Balaton has a wonderful and rick carp stock! Currently the total catch is over 6000 kg and there were several over 19 kg carp in the cradle!

08:49 – Don’t forget the repeat of yesterday’s live show starts in a few minutes on The Fishing and Hunting Channel!

10:01 – We’re over 7 tons! From the 249 teams, 165 already have valid, over 5 kilos, catches! It seems that the eastern basin is beginning to kick off. This is mostly because of the sunny spells. The teams can still use their boats, as in the western basin there’s a first level warning and in the middle and eastern basins the storm indicators show a basic warning. RESULTS

11:00 – Check out our gallery on the IBCC website! HERE!

11:49 – The field is pretty tight when it comes to the first three teams. The
Dan Draguloiu Team is still on the lead with 240,28kg, the second is the
Jet Fish M+M with 206,36kg, and the third one is The One Team Romania with 197,33 kg. There’s one carp over 20, four carp over 19, and many carp over 15.

13:02 – Today in our live broadcast in the evening we’ll summarize the most exciting events of the day.Don’t forget that we’ll broadcast the show from 20:00 on The Fishing and Hunting Channel, on its Facebook page, and on the IBCC website!

13:38 – We’ll soon reach 8 tons! There’s been some changes regarding the podium places. The One Team Romania has creeped to the second place with 237,97 kg. Dan Draguloiu Team is still on the lead with 256,66 kg.

14:59 – It was a beautiful day and according to the forecast prediction, it will be the same the whole week. There was no storm warning throughout the day hence the teams could use their boats.

16:09 – Do Not Forget, Tonight live broadcast about V. IBCC on the Fishing and Hunting channel. If you missed the previous live shows you can review HERE.

17:01 – 175 team out of 249 has a valid catch. Top 3 team caught more than 200kg and the gap between them is minor still. Check out the latest results HERE!

18:21 – The difference is only 10kg between the top 2 teams. 1. Dan Draguloiu Team272,09kg 2. The One Team Romania – 263,99kg!. The rest teams are doing really well, all teams are racing for the title.

19: 40 – Stay with us our broadcast of the V. IBCC starts soon on The Fishing and Hunting Channel, our Facebook page, and on the IBCC website.

21:00 – As a consequence of multiple violation of rules one teeam has received a RED card in the V. IBCC. The AKBaits Team Poland fishing in Fonyód – Városi public beach placed their rigs above 500 m instead of 450 m. In addition to this their rigs were not correctly prepared either. They put more than one hooks to their terminal tackle. What’s more they used leads with drop-off rigs, which is also a violation of a fishing rule.

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