IBCC 2019 – Day 3 – Minute by minute

Follow the events of the V. jubilee IBCC minute by minute. We’ll be reporting the details of the competition on our website. We’ll be near the most important events and then from 13th April, we’ll provide live broadcast during the period of the competition from our studio on the site!

08:07 – Wonderful sunshine, slightly choppy Balaton, and many catches on Tuesday morning in the V. IBCC. During the night the teams were really on fire, the total catch is almost 3 tons now!!

08:49 – Follow the table of the catches by clicking HERE. It is updated continuously. From the list you can find out which team lead the competition, who caught the biggest fish, and also the present status of all the other categories.

09:24 – The One Team Romania fishing in Fonyód – Vizisport telep is really on as there are only 10 kilos between them and the Jet Fish M+M team who are the first on the podium. The contest will be very tight and we can expect a lot of catches thanks to the nice weather.

10:39 – Check out our gallery HERE! It’s being updated continuously!

11:45 – Has this nice weather triggered the appetite of the carp in Lake Balaton? Well, it seems that it has!! We’re proud to have more than 3500 kg of fish caught and more than 133 teams have catches over 5 kilos. Last but not least, 14 teams could already weigh a carp over 15 kg.

13:02 – Let’s take a look at the top 10 teams’ results in numbers. We have been receiving the latest catches, and teams getting the feel for carps habit. We can expect a shiny weather a whole week but it is clear that this weather effect positively on the target fish appetite.

1. Jet Fish M+M – 162,60 135 // peg 140

2. The One Team Romania – 152,86 kg // peg 140

3. Dan Draguloiu Team – 129,65 kg // peg 64

4. Starbaits Slovakia – 94,96 kg // peg 137

5. Tropic Fishing Mivardi team – 79,96 kg // peg 108

6. GoldBlack Carp Team – 75,35 kg // peg 23

7. Angelshop-Nexing / Aquaborne – 72,49 kg // peg 62

8. Iannis Lake – 68,30 kg // peg 83

9. Team Carpspot Germany – 2 67,50 kg // peg 75

10. Mikbaits Team CZ – 59,26kg // peg 145

14:13 – Today in our live broadcast in the evening we’ll summarize the most exciting events of the day.Don’t forget that we’ll broadcast the show from 20:00 on The Fishing and Hunting Channel, on its Facebook page, and on the IBCC website!

15:22 – Here are some amazing carps weight above 15 kg on the V. IBCC

16:21 – Over 4 tons!!!! Jet Fish M+M is on the 1st place with – 178,50 kg, 2nd. The One Team Romania – 169,66kg, 3rd. Dan Draguloiu Team 153,25-kg. 140 teams have a valid catch.

17:21 – It was a beautiful day and according to the forecast prediction, it will be the same the whole week. There was no storm warning throughout the day hence the teams could use their boats.

18:59 – Check out our gallery HERE! It’s being updated continuously!

19:48 – Our live show starts in 10 minutes onThe Fishing and Hunting Channel, our Facebook page, and on the IBCC website!

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