IBCC 2018 – DAY 1.

Follow every minute of the IV. IBCC on www.ibcc.com. We keep you updated with the latest news, we will show you the most important events, and live online streaming every night from 20:00 CET which is available on Fishing and Hunting site.

Watch again, here!

18:20 – The staff is continuously processing the information that we have received so far, mainly from the southern shore. You can find more information about results HERE!

17:10 – More and more catches from the south shore! We will come back soon with more information and pictures!


14:32 – It is amazing, 2 catches above 15kg in 3 hour

13:41 – Just one and a half hours since the race started and we already have a news about the first 5kg+ carp has been hooked! Pictures and more info soon!

12:21 – Now the awaited moment had come. IV IBCC started at 12:00 CET! There was team who first threw in the end tackle and then started searcheing the best spots. Of course in most places the boilis are alredy on the hair rig and then take on the boat. Carefully map the area in front of them and then begin angling.


11:39 – The competitors can’t wait to start the race. Almost all teams are ready with preparations so after the start they can get off to the water and start fishing.

08:25 – Click on the link – IBCC_2018 – and find the location of the teams and all information about settlement and sectors!

08:00  – Beautiful sunshine and the team have started occupying the place they have drawn

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