IBCC 2018 – 6. DAY

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17:09 – We’re receiving results continuously and processing it as quickly as we able to, till here are some nice PICTURE!!!

16:15 – It is still sunny weather and the weather prediction is very positive. There is no storm warning and hopefully, it won’t change until next morning to 08:00 a.m.

15:10 – Only 1.79 kg difference between the 1st and 2nd places!

14:40 – Do not forget the Awards – 29 teams will win guaranteed

The 5 largest carp total weight:

  1. place: EUR 5.000
  2. place: EUR 3.000
  3. place: EUR 2.000

Total weight of carps over 5 kg:

  1. place: EUR 30.000
  2. place: EUR 20.000
  3. place: EUR 10.000
  4. place: EUR 6.000
  5. place: EUR 4.000

Biggest fish: EUR 10.000

Sector prizes:

  1. place: EUR 1.000 + 500 EUR Voucher
  2. place: EUR 500 + 500 EUR Voucher
  3. place: EUR 500 Voucher

13:30 – 40-tons!!!!!! We’re very proud of all the team, 40-tons of fish has been caught and 188 teams have a valid catch, 1st Starbaits – 1078 kg, 2nd is Mikbaits Parys just only 40kg behind. The biggest fish 24.02 kg – CT LIBUN.


In order to get the final results in time for the closing ceremony, Marshal will weight fishes in the night as well.


09:41 – The race had grown serious. Teams, in the first three places, are shoulder to shoulder and 70kg is only the difference from 5th to 14th place. It seems that nothing’s been decided yet.

08:49 – Here are some nice pictures!




08:05 – During the night cold front has arrived with heavy wind and rain, which did not impact the race. 1st level storm warning is in force, teams can use the boat. Take a look at the first three team results. Starbaits lead the race with SK 1026kg, 2nd Mikbaits – Parys – 844kg 3rd CT Libun – 825kg.

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