IBCC 2018 – 5. DAY

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18:09 – Bed news for teams, it is again 2nd level storm warning.

17:09 – 1st level storm warning is in force in all section, boat use is allowed.

15:40 – Currently, teams are not allowed to use the boat in the western basin. Anglers are fighting against wind and waves.

13:30 – The biggest fish is 24,02 kg caught by team CT LIBUN at Balatonberény which is a bit bigger then was until now.

13:02 – Weather like this on the south shore. Starbaits SK team member exhausted and are sleeping, Using the boat is forbidden due to 2nd level storm warning and almost impossible to throw from the bank because of trees in the way.

12:13 – We can feel the change in the weather, It is still 2nd level storm warning in the western basin. Great waves beating the bank in front of the most team.

11:17 – A yellow card has been shown to Team 4 Carp on peg 124 due to using boat without wearing life jacket which effects 8 hours suspension of angling.

10:50 – Here are the numbers for IBCC live show, 22.832 viewers watched the live show yesterday from 135 country.

09:43 – 2nd level storm warning is in force in the west basin. using the boat is forbidden, rain and heavy wind expected soon.

09:22 – 25-Tons!!!!!!! Nothing can stop anglers. Here are the results of the first three team. Starbaits Slovakia – 776kg // CT Libun – 617kg // Mikbaits SK – 601kg ! 

Biggest Fish: Avid Carp CZ – 22.83kg

08:29 – The biggest fish of the competition is 22,83Kg, Team Avid Carp Cz at Vonyarcvashegy.

08:07 – We have been still waiting for the promised cold front. This heat is unfavorable to team on the north shore because water is deeper on this side so team trust in the cold weather. A 1st level storm warning is in force in the west basin.

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