IBCC 2018 – 3. DAY

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19:36 – LIVE

17:49 – Over 10-tons! 154 team has caught fish!!!!!, Results are continuously coming in and our team is working on it. If carps stick to their appetite, then we will break last year record 14282,27 kg. Latest results HERE, Starbaits Slovakia – 359.80Carp Club CR II – 279.27, CR Baits – 229.52!

16:29 – It is unbelievable, only 800kg misses to reach the 10-tonsh the 10-tons!!!


15:28 – The 2nd red card in the competition. L.T Baits on peg 152 were using boat under 2nd level storm warning in the night, which has been recorded by another team next to them. More info coming soon.

14:52 – More and more tons! Plus 1000kg and where is the end, 8200 Kg right now. 1st StartBaits SK 327 Kg, 2nd Carp Club CR II 280kg, 3rd a DAN DRAGULOIU TEAM 220kg, so exciting, Teams on the 2nd and 3rd places are fishing on pegs next to each othe.

13:21– Starbaits SK leads the race, where 5 carps are stocked and waiting for scaling.


13:03 – Over The 7-ton, 142 teams have already caught fish, Currently the North shore goes better but do not worry on the south.CLICK for the latest results, Gallery here.

12:38 – There is no storm warning, the Cold front is already gone and sunshine is back.

12:01 – Download the FISHINDA application and follow the best moment on.it.

10:51 – Over 6-tons, Unbelievable, We wrote only 1 hour ago that total weigh is over 5-ton and until now 135 teams have a valid catch.

09:20 – Over 5-ton total catch! More than 130 teams have caught fish! Starbaits Slovakia remains in the first place with 240kg, second place DAN DRAGULOIU TEAM 206kg,3rd place CR Baits 173kg. There is only nuance between the teams. Check out the latest results HERE!


08:48 – We have pictures not just about fishes. Our photographer is on his way to capture some amazing moments. Here are some of it.

08:07 – During the night a slight cold front arrived with some rain. We have been processing the information send it by Marshals, and we are now over 4.5 tons overall, which is an incredible result in such a short time. Due to unpredictable weather, strongly recommend watching the Tavihar application and the storm indicators. Currently. A first level storm warning is in force around Lake Balaton

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