IBCC 2018 – 4. DAY

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19:20 – Yellow card has been shown to RJR Team due to improper boat usage- all the three-team members were on the boat at the same time. According to competition rule, one of three-members must stay on the bank.


16:06 – We might feel the cold front, There is a 1st level storm warning is in force.


14:53 – Reached 20-tons, middle of the race and 169 already caught fish.

14:42 – There are new pegs in IBCC 2018, one of it is Balatonszentgyörgy where 4 teams are. This is an undiscovered part of the Lake Balaton, with reed and trees all around which its beauty hold anglers spellbound.

12:40 – Reached the 18-tons. Carps make Marshal work all day long, 1st place, 655Kg – Starbaits Slovakia, 2nd place 438,30 kg Mikbaits – Parys, 3rd place 431,21 kg  Carp Club CR. Huge difference between the north and south shore still.

11:19 – Bigger and Bigger carps on the Hook. – We are lucky to become part of this amazing event.

09:45 – Here are some nice fish! Camera Crew on their way to the teams.



09:25 – It looks like teams do not need to worry about storm warning, it is on a basic level. According to weather prediction, tomorrow will be rainy mostly on the north shore.

08:14 – Sunshine, faint wind and tons of fish. We got info 2 carp over 20kg. At the moment overall weigh is over 14-tons and 160 team has a valid catch. Startbaits SK leads the race with 561.56kg, 200kg difference between the 1st and 2nd. Carp Club CR II 340 kg on the 2nd place.

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