IBCC 2018 – 2. DAY

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Watch again, here!

19:12 – 4 TONES! The second day was very exciting because we had plenty carps to weight and now 120 teams are on the scoreboard. During the day teams on the first three changed constantly. There is a significant difference between the north and south side results, due to exceptionally warm weather.

17:46 – Starbaits took the lead with 212Kg, 2nd place Ad-free 143 Kg, only on the 3rd place DAN DRAGULOIU TEAM. Follow the latest news and results.


15:40 – Total weight over 3-tons. Can’t wait to the Live broadcast tonight at 20:00 CET.

15:20 – 2nd level storm warning is in force in the eastern basin. Please watch the Tavihar application.



13:18 – We receive the results continually, Exciting and huge race for one of the first three places!  DAN DRAGULOIU TEAM from Romania lead the competition and behind them StarBaits SK on 2nd place.

12:16 – Finally we got a photo from Balatonszentgyörgy about the weighing of Start Baits’ carp! It was only a few decagrams less than the biggest fish weights in the tournament, this amazingly beautiful fish is 18.09 kg. The team took the lead with Total 116.23 kg!

Teams are fishing at this undiscovered place, Balatonszentgyörgy.

10:30 – On the 2nd place Fuky-Csoki Team, in Révfülöp, 12,66 kg Carp

10:20 – The weather is fantastic! In the history of IBCC, has never been such a start, that 2nd level storm warming not to be in the first 24 hours.

9:25 – The results are coming, which can be seen HERE! At the moment, the DAN DRAGULOIU TEAM leads the race, who first went over 100kg, Árpád beach, Fonyod.

08: 30 – It is a beautiful sunny morning once again, for those who were able to relax during the night. The circumstances are very favorable to catch carps. There is no sign of storm so no reason to worry, teams can still use their boats for a while. Our staff almost went around Balaton yesterday and seen happy faces everywhere and anglers enjoying their time here on the „Hungarian sea”. Nearly 1-ton total catch till morning and DAN DRAGULOIU TEAM is in the first place with over 100kg!

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