Don Carp Baits as Sector Sponsor

Don Carp Baits is a dynamically growing company whose success lies in quality!


To demonstrate the quality of products, let us just mention that we have been invited (again) to participate and showcase our products in the internationally renowned event called IBCC!

It is an absolute honour for us and justifies our efforts we have been taking in the past few years for the recreational angling industry!




We achieved 2nd place in our sector at last year’s IBCC which also proves that our products meet the national standard level in terms of quality!

The anglers of Don Carp Baits keep going, testing and reviewing angling lakes all year, and we are proud to receive successful reports of these tours again and again, whether it’s summertime or winter freeze!


2015 IBCC: this beautiful Balaton Carp gave us some truly blissful moments.


Our products are becoming more and more popular amongst anglers as years go by!

Their feedback and results achieved with our products (including individual record weights over 20 kg) help us focus on our mission: QUALITY ABOVE ALL!


2016 has brought the real breakthrough for our company!

An old dream of mine has just come true as Don Carp Bait officially launches its own boilie lake called Don Carp Lake! We would like to consider ourselves as “pioneers” in terms of this achievement since we have managed to secure our own lake as a boilie producing company. Not only is it a great opportunity for product development, it also allows us to host our fellow anglers at Don Carp Lake (more info at



Click here to see a short video of the lake:

This lake presents us, as a boilie producing company, with new possibilities to further develop Don Carp Baits products to perfection in every single aspect! Fcebook our group : ,


A huge thanks goes to IBBC for this great opportunity (again) and to our fellow anglers for trusting the products produced by Don Carp Baits!


We wish you, all fellow anglers, a very productive year for 2017. We look forward to seeing you along the bank of Don Carp Lake in which you can find some truly beautiful fish like this carp weighed at 34.78 kg, for example!

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