Deeper as Sector sponsor

Deeper’s mission is to take everyday objects used in sports and outdoor activities and transform them into the most advanced cutting-edge smart devices.

Take the Deeper Smart Sonar, the world’s first wireless echo sounder compatible with iOS and Android devices. Today, Deeper’s range of smart sonar devices are sold in more than 50 countries, enabling avid anglers from Sydney to Singapore, Michigan to Manchester to experience a completely new way of fishing. And the Deeper App is the leading fish finder app on Google Play and App Store.

Today, Deeper offers a number of smart sonar models, one app, multiple fishing accessories and the bathymetry management platform, Lakebook™. Deeper fish finders are available in 50 countries with over 2 million Fish Deeper App downloads and a fantastic team of over 60 specialists working behind our vision and constantly striving to create the next big thing.

Deeper smart sonar can be cast to any spot in the water. It floats on the water surface and transmits detailed bottom and water column information straight to the screen of your smartphone or tablet.

Deeper body case is made from ABS plastic that makes the device light-weighted (90g) therefore castable using the  most standard rod lines. ABS plastic has also proven a perfect permeability of ultrasound and radio waves (GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth).

Altogether one Deeper device consists of approx. 190 electronic, mechanic and other components.

Deeper CHIRP+ is the world’s first castable, GPS enabled, Wi-Fi fish finder that utilizes CHIRP technology. A CHIRP (Compressed High Intensity Radiated Pulse) sonar sends out a continuous flow of frequencies, ranging from low to high and because of this, the sonar readings are much clearer and have a higher resolution compared to traditional sonars.

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