Carp’R’Us & Karel Nikl as sector sponsor


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Carp’R’Us a Nikl company are proud sponsors of IBCC 2018, the competition takes place on the mighty lake Balaton. The lake is a monumental natural piece of art. Today we know that it is going to be without a doubt an iconic venue of European carp fishing scene.



Carp’R’Us is a British company founded in 1996 by a great innovator and a legend by the name of Ray Dale-Smith. Ray has always been an innovator of terminal tackle and wasn’t afraid to develop and introduce new products on the market which are now considered as standard but were absolutely revolutionary at first. Fluorocarbon hairs, Snag Clip system, Mouthsnagger line aligners, Longshank Nailer hook, Centurion 2000 hook, Cranked Hook… these are just a few products that Carp’R’Us has invented so far.


We’ve focused on the needs of a continental carp angler and we’re still developing new products. We can mention for example the ATS range of hooks which were designed for large lakes, big carp and hard conditions – simply strength and reliability.  Other products were introduced to the range shortly after – for instance Strip-X coated braid which is also a strong and reliable rig material with outer coating.


Karel Nikl

Karel Nikl company was founded in 2001 and was focused on carp bait development. Karl’s strategy was clear since the early beginning – producing bait which is a bit more expensive but the quality is as high as possible. Today Nikl s.r.o. is one of the leading carp fishing companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and continues to break through in other European countries as well.

In 2010 Karel Nikl and Carp’R’Us began very close partnership. At first we just distributed Carp’R’Us in the Czech Republic and Slovakia but then we built Carp’R’Us central warehouse for European distribution in the Czech Republic. This was the reason for the very close collaboration with Carp’R’Us.


We can truly say that the great boilies and other bait from Karel Nikl and high-quality carp fishing terminal tackle produced by Carp’R’Us has led to great success of both companies. Karel has taken part in many competitions during his carp fishing career and most of the times he won a cup. It’s amazing to observe his great success in so many competitions. One of his biggest achievements is the victory of the WCC in 2016 and title Champion of Champions which he got in the WCC 2017. Carp’R’Us team has won the team contest three times in a row. Nobody has done that so far except for us. Karel Nikl and his team came second in IBCC 2016. Nikl & Carp’R’Us team won the Big Five event of the IBCC 2017


We’re looking forward to the next year’s event!

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