Carp’R’Us & Karel Nikl as sector sponsor

In 2020, Carp’R’Us and Nikl are again proud sponsors of the large carp races organized by the IBCC on the mighty lake Balaton. The lake itself is a monumental piece of nature and it is no doubt  that it will become an iconic lake within the European, carp fishing scene.


Carp’R’Us is a British company founded in 1996 by Mr. Ray Dale-Smith, a major innovator and legend in the field of terminal tackle. Ray has always been a great innovator who was not afraid to try new things and brought to market many products that were revolutionary at that time but nowadays are commonplace among all fishermen. To name some of the products which Carp’R’Us brought to the market, we can talk about fluorocarbon materials and lines, Snag Clip system, Mouthsnagger line aligners, Longshank Nailer, Centurion 2000 or Cranked Hook. In recent years, Carp’R’Us is more focusing on the needs of continental fishermen and is still coming up with new products. It is worth noting that ATS hooks have been designed with regard to large lakes and large carps. In short, ATS hooks present two words – strength and reliability. The novelty for 2020 is primarily the inclusion of new Ronnie rigs and the full range of their production.

Karel Nikl

Karel Nikl company was founded in 2001 with a focus on the production of boilies and carp baits. From the very beginning, Karel had a clear business strategy – To offer to customers more expensive products and lean on the highest possible quality. Today, Nikl s.r.o. is one of the leaders in the Czech and Slovak markets and is gradually being promoted in other European countries.

Since 2010 there was close cooperation with company Carp’R’Us. We first operated CRU distribution in the Czech and Slovak Republics, and later we created a central warehouse for European distribution of Carp’R’Us in the Czech Republic. This has resulted in a strong link between these two brands. We can say that great baits by Karel Nikl combined with the high-quality Carp’R’Us end tackle helped to achieve many successes for both brands. In his career, Karel took part in many carp competitions and he managed to reach great results in most of them. It is amazing to watch his balance and success from various competitions. Among the top achievements are the WCC victory in 2016 and the Champion of Champions title at the same WCC championship in 2017. Nikl & Carp´R´Us team won the WCC Team Competition three times in a row, which has not been beaten yet. At IBCC in 2016, Karel finished with his team in second place overall and in 2017 at IBCC, the Nikl& Carp’R’Us team won first place in the Big Five competition.

We are looking forward to another year!

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