Carp´R´Us as Sector sponsor



Carp´R´Us is for Year 2017 once again an proud sponsor of a great competition that IBCC really is that takes place on a mighty lake Balaton. The lake itself is a monumental piece of natures creation and looks like one of futures iconic lakes within Europs carp fishing scene.

Carp´R´Us is UK based company that was established in 1996 by a great innovator and a legend on the field of end tackle, Mr Ray Dale-Smith. Ray was always big inovator who did not feared to try new things and he brought to the market a lot of products, that are now very common between all anglers, but at his time they were completely revolutionary. To name some products that were brought to the market by Carp´R´Us we can talk about fluorocarbon rig material and mainline, Snag Clip system, Mouthsnagger aligners, Longshank Nailer and Cranked Hook and the list goes on.

In past years Carp´R´Us is trying to focus on needs of continental anglers and it shows on the range of products. To name the most important ones they are ATS hooks, that have been designed with the big lakes and big carp in mind, fishing in hard conditions and with two words in mind – strength and reliability. Other products followed like Strip-X coated braid, that is also very strong and reliable coated material.

To name a few success stories that may show the level of products, Carp´R´Us teams have won WCC twice, in Year 2014 and 2016, also in these years took the team events and last Year Nikl/Carp´R´Us team ended up in second place on IBCC 2016.

As it was said, we are looking this year once again for a great competition and great event at IBCC 2016 on mighty lake Balaton!

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