BearCreeks as sector sponsor

BearCreeks GmbH – We help fishermen across the world to catch more fish!

In 1995,  Victor Tang, the owner of BearCreeks, received his first fishing tackle order valued 918 dollars from Europe. Since then, for over 20 years, BearCreeks has been serving most of the leading carp tackle brands in the world as an OEM supplier.  In 2005, to help the carp anglers to deliver their bait and hook farther, Victor Tang designed his first bait boat which was called waverunner, Quad, bait cruiser, sea guard or soul bait boat and widely accepted by European carp anglers. Hundreds of thousands of 6 models of bait boats have been sold to more than 30 comprar inflables baratos European, American, Asian and South African countries including Russia and Ukraine.  Nowadays, by producing GPS autopilot bait boats, fish finders, bite alarms and power banks, BearCreeks is established as the leading electronic fishing tackle  manufacturer in the sport fishing industry.  In recent years, as an international outdoor brand, BearCreeks has continued to grow from strength to strength, more and more flagship innovative products like stainless rod pods, buzz bars, banks sticks, cooking sets, bivvies, bed chairs and sleeping bags have been added to its business range.  BearCreeks is set for continued rapid growth over the coming years.

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