Dear Competitors,

Just like you, we’ve been waiting to see you on the bank of a lake so dear to us, in the biggest carp angling competition in the world. We’ve been looking forward to hearing about you, and we’ve been waiting for the draw to see who gets the best swims and which team catch the biggest fish of the competition.

Under normal circumstances, these are the things we should be worried about. Now, however, there are different issues that worry us.

We are following the pandemic situation hour by hour. What we can see is that the COVID is causing serious problems all over Europe, and it’s not getting better.

As always, the organizers do their best to make the IBCC fair and safe.

After long negotiations, in which they took into consideration many factors, the organizers have decided to postpone the competition. originally organized on 18.04.2021. We believe that, in this situation, only in this way can we ensure the safety of the participants, the organizers, and the crew.

We are continuously working to organize the VII. IBCC at a new time. As soon as we have official information on this, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, please be patient, and look out for yourself and others, so that we can meet soon.

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