Dear Foreign Competitors,

The Announcement published yesterday was for more of you not clearly understandable and caused some misunderstandings. The part which describes the conditions set by the Hungarian authorities to enter Hungary in case of an international sports event is the following: to provide a SARS-CoV-2-PCR test made within 3 days before the sport event, which certified that the result was negative in English or Hungarian language. The negative test will be checked by the Hungarian authorities on the borders, not by the organizer at the competition center. We will also provide to all of the team members an official invitation letter/confirmation which will confirm that you are a registered team member of an international sports event. In case you need to change team members please email us on, till 7.10.2020 it is for free of charge. In case we will have some new information for you, we will immediately publish it. If you have some questions, please contact us per email. Thank you.IBCC organiser

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