Nikl sector

The Nikl sector starts in one of the settlements around Lake Balaton which is the richest in fish and goes towards east. From Fonyód, from the Keleti-Bozót-channel (Fonyódi árok) which is one of the biggest inlets of Lake Balaton.

The sight of Lake Balaton is a pleasure from anywhere, but the most beautiful view is probably from the southern shore onto the volcanic hills on the northern shore. This is very good, if we have no bites, but in this sector with a little luck the teams can only count on very few hours of aimless wondering. In 2020 in Balatonboglár e.g. we had very nice results with one of the biggest mirror carp of the competition so far, a 28.95 giant by Alexander Tóth. It is an interesting fact that the latter fish shows a territorial behaviour, thus meaning that the competitors fishing here, have a very good chance of weighing it with more than 30 kg. In addition to that in 2020 the Nikl & Big Carp Team got the bronze medal from here with an exceptional late surge.