Mikbaits sector

If anywhere, a great part of the IBCC teams would be happy with a draw here in the Mivardi sector. Probably we never had a competition without a good chance of winning the overall competition for a team fishing in this sector. But Lake Balaton does not give the success easily. Here we have serious obstacles below the surface, causing many lost catches, on the other hand this varying deck provides lots of food for the significant fish density. In 2020 three of the first five teams of the Top 5 competition were competing here and the first placed overall also came from here. The 26.05 kg carp caught in 2017 on the IBCC in Fonyód on the Árpád sétány was the biggest one for three years. And even though this title has been taken from this sector by another locality, the chances are good that the record will be broken here.