Beta – miX

Beta mix sector

This sector is on the southern shore of the middle basin of Lake Balaton. Balatonszemes and Balatonszárszó are not just popular with the anglers on Lake Balaton, but this area is also well liked by carps in the springtime warming waters. For hundreds of meters we have here shallow water and then we find the typical southern shore sand banks as well as a significant drop. The competitors have the possibility to vary with putting different rods in different depths. Interesting to note is that since this is the middle of Lake Balaton, the northern, the north-western and also the north-eastern winds are optimal for a good catch. Furthermore, thanks to the strong and favourable wind directions even the shorter distances can give a lot of fish. Catching the fish with a good tempo is definitely necessary, if a competing team woud like to be at the front of the field in the competition or even to try and win the IX. IBCC. In previous competitions we had a lot of 20+ kg carps here and in praise of the anglers around Lake Balaton they also had here specimens of 29 kg and 30+ kg.