Total catches doubled ! – 48 hours

As We expect the number of the catches has been raising! 1st level warning came in force since last night so all the competitors took the water. Nether team were in panic because of cast fishing, They adopt his challenge very well. Weather prediction promises better days. Every team could feed spots in the boats which add up to double catches.


According to the latest result, Fuky – Csoki leads the race. Fishing place at Vonyarcvashegy 4th place  in sector Kolibri. Total catch is 118.6 kgs one of them is the weigh of 15.00 kgs. Both 2nd and 3rd place the B52 Fishing teams stand recently.  B52 Fishing teams nr:2, is stand on the 2nd place with 56.80 kgs total catches and B52 Fishing teams nr:1. is on the 3rd place with total 56.30 kgs catch. Both team angling at Ábrahámhegy.
Biggest catch owen by Ocsovai László – B52 Teams 2. It seems that catches are start up in every sector.




A halak minden szektorban elindultak, így már nincs olyan területe az északi – parti versenypályánk 90km-es szakaszának ahol ne lenne legalább egy darab mérlegelhető ponty, tehát 5 kg feletti.








Keep in mind that from 20:00 hour live coverage.

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Written by: Betti Zab
Photos taken by: Gusztáv Tóth
Translated: Gábor Monos
Web: Atilla Csákány

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