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Fishing & Hunting

The Fishing and Hunting Channel is the number-one angling and hunting channel in the region. It broadcasts fishing and hunting films, series, competition reports, and magazines 24 hours a day. Be it a local, national, or international competition, The Fishing and Hunting Channel will be there to report current events.

Anglers and hunters can broaden their mind by our documentaries and educational films. The nature films offered by The Fishing and Hunting Channel will draw your attention to the importance of environmental protection.

We provide various exciting programs of high quality. The channel easily finds its way to every angler’s, hunter’s, and nature-lover’s heart. Our editors pay special attention to include local materials in our shows, not just recordings made in distant exotic lands.

The Fishing and Hunting Channel guarantees quality entertainment. The channel is available in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, and Moldova.




The One

The One baits are the result of a lengthy testing process. These baits proved to be extremely catchy on various waters not just in everyday fishing, but also in prestigious international fishing competitions. The actual testing took place in tense situations where the bait was continuously being refined. After the winning recipe had been made, the consistency of the bait was not modified. Numerous trophies have proved the effectiveness of our work. Many years have passed, and by now there are a lot of records thanks to The One products. These baits, which are made of 100% natural ingredients, can be used successfully not only in short fishing adventures but also during longer fishing trips. The One features four types of bait: the Red, strawberry-Frankfurter, the Black squid-plum, the Purple-crayfish, and the Gold scopex-caramel. The One team is constantly testing the products so that you can be part of all the wonderful catches.


Carp Expert

CarpExpert logoThe first Carp Expert monos debuted 25 years ago in the Central and Eastern European market. The brand has been a success ever since. Nowadays, Carp Expert offers not only fishing lines, but any kind of tackle that carp anglers need. Our products are continuously being developed. In 2017 plenty of novelties will be available on the shelves of the shops.
Let’s start with Feeder Neo. When designing Feeder Neo, our starting point was the successful Double Speed reel. Feeder Neo is a baitrunner reel. Its drag can be adjusted easily with a lever at the bottom of the reel. Thanks to a 5,5:1 gear ratio, you can reel in your line quickly without any effort. Feeder Neo has 5 bearings, which guarantee smoothness and precision. Its anti-reverse system works with a needle roller, which reduces the chances of tangles. The advantages of the reel can be exploited mainly in feeder fishing.





Balaton Fish Management Non-Profit Ltd

Our company called Balaton Fish Management Non-Profit Ltd was founded on 25 August 2009 but its predecessor company had been working on Lake Balaton since 1899.

Balaton Fish Management Non-Profit Ltd is the property of the Hungarian State in 100 %.

The main task of our company is the ecological fish management on Lake Balaton. Our first aim is to provide the optimal catch rate for the anglers, in the case of fish species popular among them. On the other hand, the variety of fish species must also be kept. Furthermore, the protection of natural values and the conditions of quality tourism are equally important.

Our most important activities are the following ones:

  • Selective fishing on Lake Balaton and Kis-Balaton
  • Populating fish into the lake according to the fish management plans approved by the authorities
  • Breeding fish in our fisheries in order to ensure the maximal rate of self-bred fish during the population
  • Guarding fish on Lake Balaton in order to protect the population
  • Management of natural fish-death in spring
  • Issuing fishing licenses, angling management and running our own fisheries
  • Ecological management of Lake Balaton, augmentation of native fish species




Anglers without Boundaries Association

The Anglers without Boundaries Association was founded on 13th December 2013 in Hungary.

The objectives of the Association are to promote recreational angling, improve sports fishing, ensure domestic and foreign fishing opportunities, respect fishing ethics, educate anglers, and protect the environment.

More than 10% of the population, nearly 1.2 million people, come in contact with fishing directly or indirectly through their families. For several years, the Association has been helping people with creating new opportunities of fishing.

We help you to:

  • get your state license
  • we do all the paperwork immediately (which is unique in Hungary)
  • we are available at pre-arranged places and time
  • we give you, as a member of our association, a 1.000 HUF Energofish voucher


The number of our members is increasing. In 2016 we had 5-6.000 anglers in our association.  We feel privileged to have Laszlo Cseh (Olympic champion) and Zsolt Erdei (boxing champion) among our honorary members.

In 2017, our main goal was to establish cooperative connections with our partners. These connections open the door for fishing in the surrounding countries. Moreover, we provide exam opportunities for all of our would-be members.


Contact us so that we can contact you.

Anglers without Boundaries Association

We are on the same team.



Hungarian Fishing Association


Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 10.58.57_csapat


The Hungarian Fishing Association is a national organization that comprises of more than one thousand county and local associations. It represents and defends the rights of more than 350.000 anglers. Within this widespread activity, angling is an officially accepted sport. MOHOSZ is the member of the Non Olympic Sport family of the Hungarian Olympic Committee. The Team Hungary aid scheme is aimed at supporting sports fishing. It enables companies involved in tackle manufacturing and commerce to sponsor the participants of fishing competitions by financial or other means. In the aid scheme, there are different levels of sponsorship.

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