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Fishing & Hunting

The Fishing and Hunting Channel is the number-one angling and hunting channel in the region. It broadcasts fishing and hunting films, series, competition reports, and magazines 24 hours a day. Be it a local, national, or international competition, The Fishing and Hunting Channel will be there to report current events.

Anglers and hunters can broaden their mind by our documentaries and educational films. The nature films offered by The Fishing and Hunting Channel will draw your attention to the importance of environmental protection.

We provide various exciting programs of high quality. The channel easily finds its way to every angler’s, hunter’s, and nature-lover’s heart. Our editors pay special attention to include local materials in our shows, not just recordings made in distant exotic lands.

The Fishing and Hunting Channel guarantees quality entertainment. The channel is available in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, and Moldova.


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