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fishing-300x194Fishing & Hunting

The Fishing& Hunting Channel is a number #1 angling/ hunting channel in the region.We
+ offer the most unique and entertaining hunting & fishing programs and shows
+ present shows from all over Europe and around the world
+ celebrate the tradition of the outdoorsmen’s lifestyle & hobby with true respect for nature + put emphasis on environment protectionOur audience can enjoy the beautiful and entertaining series and shows, 24 hours a day, every day in SD and HD quality as well.If there are any local, regional or world championship, we are there to share it with our viewers.The Channel is available in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Moldova.




The One


The One baits are the result of long test period. proving their success on countless water and not only on commercial waters, but also on prestigious international competitions. So the real test phase was in tense situations that continuously refined the bait! After teaming up with a winning recipe, there was no change in the composition, the numerous cup and wins,  proved the effectiveness of work. Many years have passed from the start to the present day, but we have reached many record catches that was thanks to The One products. These baits are made of 100% natural ingredients, are not only fast on fishing, but also for on longer tours can be used successfully.So far, three kinds of products are available in three different flavored: The Red One: strawberries-frankfurt, The Black One. Squid-plum and The Purple One: monster-carb.
Latest baits and innovation will coming soon.


Carp Expert

CarpExpert logoThe first Carp Expert monos debuted 25 years ago in the Central and Eastern European market. The brand has been a success ever since. Nowadays, Carp Expert offers not only fishing lines, but any kind of tackle that carp anglers need. Our products are continuously being developed. In 2017 plenty of novelties will be available on the shelves of the shops.
Let’s start with Feeder Neo. When designing Feeder Neo, our starting point was the successul Double Speed reel. Feeder Neo is a baitrunner reel. Its drag can be adjusted easily with a lever at the bottom of the reel. Thanks to a 5,5:1 gear ratio, you can reel in your line quickly without any effort. Feeder Neo has 5 bearings, which guarantee smoothness and precision. Its anti reverse system works with a needle roller, which reduces the chances of tangles. The advantages of the reel can be exploited mainly in feeder fishing.



Mivardi_coverMIVARDI is the single most important brand in the Czech marketplace and a highly recognised brand in the central European region. In the Mivardi product range you can find a premium selection of carp fishing tackle denoted with an M-CARP symbol. The other part of our production is focused on the advanced match and feeder fishing industries. Within our product range is also a large amount of tackle dedicated to pleasure angler.





m-carp-ps.jpgThe top level fishing tackle made for enthusiastic and demanding carp anglers. These words shortly characterize the MIVARDI products marked with the symbol M-CARP. These products were developed with emphasize on the top quality of used materials, a reliable function, a perfect manufacturing quality and the long lifespan. The M-CARP logo helps to identify this selected tackle in the wide range of MIVARDI goods. It helps to distinguish easily these top quality products from our hobby fishing production. This symbol you can find with each product from the exclusive M-CARP collection in this catalogue. The products from exclusive M-CARP selection have been awarded many times in the fishing tackle shows. The most impressive are the bivvies and chairs awarded several times (Bivvy of the year 2013, Bivvy of the year 2012, Chair of the year 2012 and the Grand Prix award for the best product of the show For Fishing in Prague).

http://www.mivardi.com           https://www.facebook.com/mivardi/



Netrisk.hu Ltd. – Leading insurance on-line portal

netrisk_nagyNetrisk.hu founded in 1994, www.netrisk.hu Hungary’s first on-line insurance portal providing brokerage services  operated by www. netrisk.hu  First Online Insurance Broker Ltd.

Netrisk.hu has helped to find their proper insurance policies for more than 1 million online clients in the last 22 years. Netrisk.hu are reliable, safety, quick, comfortable, professional and efficient all these together. Netrisk.hu gives you the various brokerage services for insurance calculation, insurance claim reporting and advices. It is 24/7 in 365 days of the year. At Home or at workplace sparing time to yourself.

The netrisk.hu has been developing portfolio services in recent years due to clients being updated in other topics and get helps comparing difficult and complex services. From 2013, www.netrisk.huhas already helped navigate through the world of banking products, loans, bank accounts and credit cards to customers.  Utazasnet.hu travel portal of Netrisk.hu, where users can compare and buy their the most relevant  travel services of their journey.





Jet Fish was established in 1990 as a producer of boilies, hook-baits and fish food. Since the very beginning we focus on the highest quality such as HNV boilies for example. Our Biosquid, Biokrab and Biokrill products are popular and successful all over Europe. We put great emphasis on the quality of the ingredients and first-rate production processes. Our boilies are based on top-class ingredients and we boil them in steam to preserve the quality to the utmost. In the course of time our baits became very successful and attract a huge amount of clients all around the continent. Currently we export to several European countries and produce about 1000 top-quality items such as boilies, pellets, boosters, dips, special boilies, pop-ups, method mixes etc. At present we make about 2 tons of boilies per day and therefore we are the biggest boilie producer in the Czech Republic. We also run the private lake Hejlov, a renowned Czech venue, with an impressive stock of big carps. I believe you will also find products to suit your needs best and will become our satisfied customers.





FLAJZAR, s.r.o. is Czech manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience on electronics market. It is also well-known for its independent development of electronic devices and equipment, followed by job or mass production. Our products are highly valued by users and the quality of FISHTRON bite sounders is supported by the numerous awards from exhibitions and fairs. The FISHTRON products are a guarantee of quality, modern design, high durability and resistance for fishermen.





Bez názvu - 1Carp’R’Us a Nikl company are proud sponsors of IBCC 2018, the competition takes place on the mighty lake Balaton. The lake is a monumental natural piece of art. Today we know that it is going to be without a doubt an iconic venue of European carp fishing scene.



Carp’R’Us is a British company founded in 1996 by a great innovator and a legend by the name of Ray Dale-Smith. Ray has always been an innovator of terminal tackle and wasn’t afraid to develop and introduce new products on the market which are now considered as standard but were absolutely revolutionary at first. Fluorocarbon hairs, Snag Clip system, Mouthsnagger line aligners, Longshank Nailer hook, Centurion 2000 hook, Cranked Hook… these are just a few products that Carp’R’Us has invented so far.

We’ve focused on the needs of a continental carp angler and we’re still developing new products. We can mention for example the ATS range of hooks which were designed for large lakes, big carp and hard conditions – simply strength and reliability.  Other products were introduced to the range shortly after – for instance Strip-X coated braid which is also a strong and reliable rig material with outer coating.

Karel Nikl

Karel Nikl company was founded in 2001 and was focused on carp bait development. Karl’s strategy was clear since the early beginning – producing bait which is a bit more expensive but the quality is as high as possible. Today Nikl s.r.o. is one of the leading carp fishing companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and continues to break through in other European countries as well.

In 2010 Karel Nikl and Carp’R’Us began very close partnership. At first we just distributed Carp’R’Us in the Czech Republic and Slovakia but then we built Carp’R’Us central warehouse for European distribution in the Czech Republic. This was the reason for the very close collaboration with Carp’R’Us.

We can truly say that the great boilies and other bait from Karel Nikl and high-quality carp fishing terminal tackle produced by Carp’R’Us has led to great success of both companies. Karel has taken part in many competitions during his carp fishing career and most of the times he won a cup. It’s amazing to observe his great success in so many competitions. One of his biggest achievements is the victory of the WCC in 2016 and title Champion of Champions which he got in the WCC 2017. Carp’R’Us team has won the team contest three times in a row. Nobody has done that so far except for us. Karel Nikl and his team came second in IBCC 2016. Nikl & Carp’R’Us team won the Big Five event of the IBCC 2017

We’re looking forward to the next year’s event!



doncarp2Don Carp Baits is a dynamically growing company whose success lies in quality! To demonstrate the quality of products, let us just mention that we have been invited (again) to participate and showcase our products in the internationally renowned event called IBCC! It is an absolute honour for us and justifies our efforts we have been taking in the past few years for the recreational angling industry! We achieved 2nd place in our sector at last year’s IBCC which also proves that our products meet the national standard level in terms of quality! The anglers of Don Carp Baits keep going, testing and reviewing angling lakes all year, and we are proud to receive successful reports of these tours again and again, whether it’s summertime or winter freeze! Our products are becoming more and more popular amongst anglers as years go by! Their feedback and results achieved with our products (including individual record weights over 20 kg) help us focus on our mission: QUALITY ABOVE ALL! 2016 has brought the real breakthrough for our company! An old dream of mine has just come true as Don Carp Bait officially launches its own boilie lake called Don Carp Lake! We would like to consider ourselves as “pioneers” in terms of this achievement since we have managed to secure our own lake as a boilie producing company. Not only is it a great opportunity for product development, it also allows us to host our fellow anglers at Don Carp Lake.


DonCarpLake_logoDon Carp Lake is one of the most dynamically developing lake in Hungary! Since its opening, the 28 HA boilis paradise has evolved enormously! The lake has 22  blockhouses, 2 out of 22 are located in the holding area and are named VIP! Fishes in the lake made this wonderful lake very popular! Many 30+ and 20+ kgs carps and grass carps live in the lake! Thanks to excellent infrastructure, Don Carp Lake is an ideal place for families as well! The lake is built with showers and recreational facilities. Hot meals and cold refreshing drinks are available at the lake’s buffet for the guest! We are waiting for everyone in the realm of fish.




Pinewood as clothing sponsor

In 1997 Pinewood was registered as a trademark in clothing at the National Swedish Patent and Registration Office after having been on the market for a number of years.

As the owner and founder of this family-owned company, Pinewood AB, – for those who wish to read – I would like to give some background of the Swedish company, Pinewood, in a few lines.

The story of Pinewood starts at the beginning of the nineteen-nineties. As is the case for most companies, it started on a very small scale – in this case, crammed into Mother’s cellar with the oil tank and the nearest neighbour at an arm’s length. Mother had to park her car outside as the garage was needed for storing our products. Over the years, when the garage became too small, this wonderful and understanding person even had to see her belongings gradually moved from her store-room. Whenever things piled up, Mother-in-law and Father-in-law helped with packing garments well into the night. That was the only possible way to manage expenses during the first years of hard times. No one could possibly blame me of not saving enough – especially not my loved ones, who got paid only in hugs and kisses.

The collection, that today consists of a wide range of outdoor clothing with garments from top to toe, was in the beginning the basis of “an extremely narrow line of products” i.e. a Canadian lined shirt in four different colour combinations! Today, the shirt has the well-deserving name Canada Shirt Classic and is even today part of the collection. The product was well liked by our customers all round the country and provided a satisfied and loyal group of customers who with time requested new and appropriate clothing from us. With the words of wisdom “hurry slowly” (Swedish idiom) more and more products were introduced to the collection and have with time meant that this single article has evolved to become hundreds of garments in many different colour combinations.

During the first years all the garments in the narrow collection were made at the same factory. In order to increase the line of products over the years and at the same time retain a good overall quality, collaboration was required with factories specialised within their specific line of products at which they excelled. This implies that shirts are to be made in factories that sew shirts and rain-wear is to be made in factories that only make rain-wear, and so on. This has lead to many long journeys in many different countries visiting many different factories the world over. Having gained this experience we have ceased our co-operation with low quality companies and have selected only the best ones. This quality awareness and direct contacts with the factories means that today Pinewood is a supplier of quality products at competitive prices. We also select and work closely with experts like Thomas Ekberg to help us design our excellent clothing line.

We are a small company. A company, which we hope will be appreciated for its flexibility and sensitivity to our customers’ needs. We strive to produce high quality outdoor clothing at reasonable prices. We will always do this. To help us in our endeavour we want to hear your advice and points of view to help us improve our line of products. Please feel free to contact us!





giants fishingGiants Fishing is a czech quality brand, established in year 2009. Joung dynamic brand with refreshing ideas and design, which is aiming at main fishing population.

With fast growing success and team of great fishermen behind, Giants Fishing has the opportunity to be another competitor in fishing tackle on Czech and Slovakian market.





Balatoni Halgazdálkodási Nonprofit Zrt.







HHNHE_logoHorgászok Határok Nélkül Horgász Egyesület (translation: anglers without bounderies Association) was founded in 2013 in Hungary.

The objective of the Association is to support the fishing as a sport  in Hungary and surrounding countries, to introduce the ethics and rules of fishing, and the protection of the environment and nature.

More than 10% of the population in Hungary, 1.2 million people are fishing every year, which is a fantastic number.

Our Association provides services which can help anyone who likes fishing or would like to have rod licence.

Our services include:

  • – national fishing tickets
  • – rod license
  • – fishing exam
  • Our goal for 2017, to build a cooperation with the surrounding countries, and increase our services with international licenses as well.
  • We feel privilaged to have Laszlo Cseh (Olimpic Champion) and Zsolt Erdei (Box Champion) among our more than 5000 members in Hungary.


Come and join our Association now and we offer 1000 HUF value Energofish coupon.

Together we are a Team !




Magyar Országos Horgász Szövetség

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 10.58.57_csapat

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