Rubin spice paprika

Cook with premium Hungarian spice paprika! The well known Hungarian Fish Restaurants have been cooking with our spice paprika for years! The Rubin Paprikafeldolgozó Kft. has been operating in Szeged the traditional processing centre of spice paprika, for over century. The characteristic flavour of Szeged spice paprika came into existence as a result of production experience of generations in perfect environment of the region. The revelation of the colour and flavour of this excellent product is created using traditional millstones built into a modern technological production line. Our mission is to provide th ebest quality paprika int he world. We’ll get back ’the Hungarian’ and ’the Szegedi Paprika’s prestige and make our superior quality products available for everybody! The best quality Szeged Spice Paprika powder of Protected Designation of Origin is packed both for gastronomical and individual consumers. Visit our website: . If you are interested in our products, please contact us:


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