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What can be said about Kevin Nash Tackle? Without doubt Nash have been at the forefront of developing innovative carp tackle for over 30 years. They are perhaps because of that also the most copied carp tackle manufacturer ever!

Kevin Nash himself has invented and designed a list of products that have changed carp fishing time and time again. From oval umbrellas to rod holdalls that carry made up rods, every carp tackle brand around the world has products in their range that originally came from the grey mass between Kevin’s ears. Today, Nash continue to change the sport with cutting edge advancements in both tackle and bait.

The Siren R3 bite alarms use intelligent speed sensing to eliminate false indications, giving the angler a remarkable advantage knowing that when an R3 sounds it is not weed, wind or undertow. They give the angler eyes underwater. So successful have they been that R3s are even being used in flowing water. Combined with features like anti-theft alarm, direct attachment for Optics light pipes, integral snag ears and a market leading remote system with a range tested over 400 metres the R3 is the next generation bite indicator and tells you exactly what you need to know, and nothing that you don’t.

The Scope concept is a blockbuster that has changed the way thousands of carpers fish all over the world. Scope rods have a retractable butt section, so nine foot rods pack down to an amazing 112cm the transport length allowing rods to be stored crossways in the boot of the smallest cars. The reduced packdown principle has been applied to luggage, brollies, rods, landing nets and even sleep systems to make them so much more compact than traditional equivalents. Your tackle can be stored safely in a car without it being visible for people to break in and steal it, and the compact Scope range finds favour with anglers who are very mobile and always following fish in order to catch the most carp in the shortest time. The great value Dwarf range offers the same compact packdown advantages as Scope.

Like Nash Tackle, Nashbait leads the market and has produced the highest quality boilies for three decades. We develop almost all of our attractors ourselves, using our own chemists.

The Key® range is a remarkable high nutritional value bait designed to be the very best that can be produced commercially. It has a habit of catching the biggest and most difficult carp too many times to be coincidence and has caught some of the biggest carp in the world. But because it is such a rich food, unlike other baits do not make the mistake of using too much. Unlike other boilies, with The Key® less is more.

Cultured® Hookbaits are another Nashbait game changer. These hookbaits have a balanced boilie in the centre surrounded with a ‘living’ skin coating that slowly breaks down in water to send out the same signals as natural food. Carp go ballistic for them!

Nash is not the cheapest company on the market and to be honest we don’t want it to be. Kevin will never compromise quality of products and believes strongly in tackle that does its job year after year to keep customers happy. A first class product at a realistic price and with good service is what our customers deserve.

H-Gun and Dwarf bring many Nash innovations at great value prices but our philosophy remains that a short term saving on cheap tackle that lets the angler down is not a sound business. After 30 years selling carp tackle we know we have got that right and the Nash label is a trusted sign of quality.

Thank you for being a KNT customer.

The Key boilies


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