Main Sponsor: Nash

Nash Introducing itself as Europe’s most dominant carp specialist company and as the main sponsor of IBCC, leaded by Kevin Nash whom is known one of the pioneer of carp angling.

Kevin Book

Kevin Nash’s obsession with carp started in the 60s. In those pioneering days little was generally know about the habits or even the diversity of the species. Just finding a water that contained a monster carp was an achievement, and actually catching one was a momentous event.


Kevin was there at the very beginning. As one of the first pioneers of the modern carp scene, together with some of his friends in the BCSG, he led the way by researching, experimenting, and then developing a great many of the methods, tactics and baits that we use today. Kevin then went on to produce the essential items that carpers just cannot do without and ultimately, he became one of today’s leading tackle innovators, owning the largest specialist carp tackle company in the world.

Alongside his talent for innovation ran a lifelong passion for all things carp and everything that entails; understanding how the carp ’think’, their dietary preferences, where and how they feed in given conditions, and so on. Kevin’s passion for his sport has been a huge learning curve from which you can benefit. As Kevin says, ’I did it, so you can, too’.


Kevin Nash Group Plc was founded more than 30 years ago, and available in more than 30 years  around the world. During this time Nash developed many product like carp cradle, which is the most popular carp protection equipment.


It is hard choose favorite product in such wide range of product line, but if we look at the Titans Bivvy, which has a history, thousands of anglers using satisfied a present model of Titans Bivvy.  The best bite alarm was made and thanks to Kevin. Creating Siren R3 is huge amount of work, as well as the newest innovation Boilie the 4G Squid Boilie,  giving plenty of huge carps.


Many thanks Kevin!


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