Last 24 hour!

As it is expected the last night behind us brought fantastic catches. Weak cold front invaded from the western part of the country which raised the number of the catches.


More teams requested immediate weighing during the night . the race is very close for he first 3 places but it can’t be overemphasized that anything can happen in the IBCC.


The One team caught more than 80 kg fish last night. Staff was shooting film in the morning meanwhile editor office received a call over the carp of the weight of 10 kg, and also even some smaller. In the Tihany area more beautiful carp also caught. Highlighting the Naturebaits team from Austria, who was one of the first of their catch more than 17 kgs.



We do not stop here for a minute in the IBCC HQ at The Erzsébet Holiday resort at Zánka. The IBCC has reached much interest, and we would like to thank all the press organs, to help us reached this extra-ordinary results



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Written by: Betti Zab
Photos taken by: Gusztáv Tóth
Translated: Gábor Monos
Web: Atilla Csákány

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