IBCC – Total Catch 671 kg – Biggest Catch 18,00 kg

Great news from IBCC. After first days’ hardy hours when anglers couldn’t go on water duo to 2nd level storm warning. Feeding sports probably hits the spot in these moments. After 56 hours there have been 21 teams with hooked fish over the weigh of 5 kgs, also shown an increase  compared to the same period of the they yesterday. Also no change in fist 3 place of the podium. So nothing is sure, anything can happen on this lake.

This is a great result considering that during the first day there were hardly any hours when water can go to the troops. Probably feeding these moments “ripen”. After 56 hours there have been 21 teams can be considered, ie over 5 kg of fish, which also showed an increase compared to the same period of the day yesterday. Although no changes to the podium, they were outside the top three team Exchange of the results sheet. So nothing is sure, anything can happen, this is the lake! The morning deliberation at sunrise at the start-sector colleagues. As we had arrived on the results, we were confident that catches are made more serious part of the day as well.



Catches in late aftrenoon.


Stuff want out shot some photos about hooked fishes, before anglers released them back. Late afternoon a run called into our editor office that Balatoni Halgazdálkodás Team at Révfülöp has just caught the biggest carp of the competition, with the weight of 18. kgs. Erdős Mark the member of Balatoni Halgazdálkodás Team was the luck one.


Don Carp Baits at Zánka made an incredible come up. During the night 3 valid catches have been all the carp with over the weith of 5kgs. Exact details will coming soon. Fuky – Csoky Team still leads the race with 159,40 kg total catch , B-52 Fishing Team 2, owning 2nd stand on the podium with 100,60 kg, and on the 3rd place B-52 Fishing Team 1 woth weight of 79,40 kg


list5Official results: PDF

Keep in mind that from 20:00 hour live coverage.


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Written by: Betti Zab
Photos taken by: Gusztáv Tóth
Translated: Gábor Monos
Web: Atilla Csákány


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