IBCC – Introducing

In 2016, Balaton will give a place for the biggest International Boilie Competition as the International Balaton Carp Cup (hereinafter: IBCC). The 70.000 Euro total prize makes this event more unique than any other. The event will be a great opportunity to Balaton to introduce itself as the largest lake of Central European region.


Around six hundred square kilometers, Central Europe’s largest lake surface, which, although quite shallow with an average depth of 3-4 meters. Maximum depth of Tihany Fountain measured 11.5 meters. The lake length 77 kilometers and a maximum and minimum width is 14 and 1.5 kilometer. The total length of coastline is 196 Km, which only 70 kilometer left in its natural habitat. Northern coastline offers better fishing opportunities, this confirms the recent years test fishing.

What definitely should know about track race. Entire north coast with 26 settlements will be selected, so the track length is more then 100 kilometers. The teams will be settled at least 100 meters far away from each others, but there will also be several kilometers distance between the teams.


We put a strong emphasis on control and checking teams and the purity of the race, close to 50 people will controlling and watching.  According to our predictions, many nation team’s will come. Erzsébet Holiday Resort and Campground Zánka will give a place to IBCC. Which is the center of the event.

Before the opening ceremony, we will wait the competitors with various programs and activities to make more colorful their time, thanks to the sponsors support. Here will be an opportunity to taste the wine of lake Balaton, fried bream and lángos -(Hungarian deep fried flat bread)- as well.



The event’s main informations;

Maximum distance allowable for fishing from the shore is 300 meters and will be indicated by beacons placed by the organizers. Each team will consist of a minimum of two, maximum three fishermen with full rights.
For purposes of this competition, are eligible only carps with a minimum weighing of 5 kg.
The current Balaton fish stock can be expected incredible catches. In the near past, Visitors have been caught and released back to lake Balaton many carps over 20 kilogram.

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