• Rules of awarding prizes
  • a; There will be two different award categories within the competition. This means that, besides awarding total weight, the total weight of the top 5 fish will also be awarded separately.

    b; The prizes of the “Top 5 Fish” competition:

    1. place: 12.000 EUR
    2. place: 6.000 EUR
    3. place: 3.000 EUR

    c; The prizes for the weight of all the fish bigger than 5kg (overall winner):

    1. place: 30.000 EUR
    2. place: 15.000 EUR
    3. place: 7.500 EUR

    d; Prize for the biggest fish in the competition (common carp – mirror carp): 5.000 – 5.000 EUR

    e; Further prizes divided into sectors:

    1. place: 5.000 EUR
    2. place: 2.400 EUR
    3. place: 1.200 EUR
    4. place: 600 EUR voucher

    f; Attention! Each team may win only one prize except for the prize for the biggest fish. If unexpectedly there are no catches in a sector, the first three prizes are defined by drawing lots among the teams in the sector.


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