There will be two competitions within the competition. This means that besides the prize for the overall total weight of fish, the total weight of the 5 biggest fish will be awarded separately. Therefore, every team will have a bigger chance to win.

The prizes of the “5 Biggest Fish” competition:

  1. place: 20.000 EUR
  2. place: 10.000 EUR
  3. place: 5.000 EUR

The prizes for the total weight of fish bigger than 5kg (overall winner):

  1. place: 30.000 EUR
  2. place: 15.000 EUR
  3. place: 7.500 EUR
  4. place: 4.000 EUR
  5. place: 2.000 EUR

The prize for the biggest fish in the competition: 10.000 EUR

Further prizes divided into sectors:

  1. place: 1.200 EUR + 500 EUR voucher
  2. place: 600 EUR + 500 EUR voucher
  3. place: 500 EUR voucher


Attention! Each team may win only one prize except for the prize for the biggest fish.


The prizes listed above are valid only in case of 250 competing teams.




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