Competition Map

Tihany Limnology Institute

200 m-long shore is open to competitors. According to our plans, 2 teams will occupy this area. It should be mentioned here that the water depth is changeable. 350 m from the shore, it can reach 4 meters. Restroom and shower are available. Competitors can park their cars behind the peg when packing in and out from the car.

Tihany Club Hotel

Tamás Csörgő: In this 500 m wide shore, we would like to have 4 teams. As this is the thinnest part of Lake Balaton (it is approximately 1 km wide), this is where the ferry goes. The Tihany well, which is deeper than 10 m, is in this area too. Teams can expect a relatively sludgy, sandy bottom. 350 m from the shore, the water can be 4-5 m deep with lots of pits. I have some personal experience of the place, as I have fished here before. As I said, this is the thinnest part of Lake Balaton so the wind can really stir it up. The flow of water between the eastern and western basin is the most rapid here. So if in the eastern basin the wind is blowing from the east, the water might rise by 5-10 cm. On the other hand, if the wind stops, all the water that has streamed into the western basin starts going back. You might want to use heavy leads here because the currents can really make fishing difficult in stormy weather.



Tamás Csörgő: It is a decisive town of the northern shore. Révfülöp also supports the IBCC competition. Competitors can find an open shore here, where we’re planning to put two teams. According to our preliminary information, 350 m from the shore, the water column is 3-3,5 m high in this part of the lake too. Naturally, the area is dappled by mussel beds and ripraps. Anglers can expect trophy-sized fish here, as in recent years quite many fish over 20 kg have been caught in the area. Of course, electricity, shower, and restroom are available.


Tamás Csörgő: Of course, Ábrahámhegy is also part of the IBCC venue. I can provide the anglers fishing here with some personal experience, as in the last 5 years, I fished here quite often. Let me tell you a few words on water depth. 300-350 m from the shore it can reach 3,5 m. There is a relatively large amount of sludge in this part of the lake. Here in Ábrahámhegy, 2 teams will be fishing on the beach, and 2 teams in the port. In both places, water, electricity, and restrooms are available. In recent years I’ve caught many great fish here with my acquaintances. I think this is a promising sign for the teams and anglers arriving at the place.


Tamás Csörgő: This wonderful 500 m wide shore of Lake Balaton is the Balatongyörök beach. Evidently, it is also part of the IBCC venue. 4 teams will be fishing here during the competition. It’s good to know in advance that there is a riprap at the bottom, and the water is 2-2,5 m deep 100 m from the shore. 350 m from the shore, the teams can expect a water column higher than 3 m. electricity, shower, and restroom are available for competitors.


Tamás Csörgő: 3 teams will be competing here in the Lidó beach in Vonyarcvashegy. I would like to introduce the beach in a few words, which will be useful for the competitors. They can park their car in the place when packing in and out. Electricity and restroom are available, but competitors have to ensure shower by themselves. Local anglers told me that, 350 m from the shore, the water column is approximately 3 m high. The middle part of the venue is a bit sandy and hard. The two sides of the beach are a bit sludgy, and many giant carp were caught here in the last few years.

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