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Tihany Limnology Institute

Tihany Limnology Institute. 200 meter long beach is available to the competitors. According to the plans 2 team will fish in this area. I would like to share few inflammations about this place. Water depth could reach 4 meter at distance of 350 meter from the shoreline. Restroom, shower, are available to the competitors and vechils are allowed to stop behind the fishing spots, during the time of loading and uploading.

Tihany Klub Hotel

Tamás Csörgő: In the 500 meter-wide shoreline four teams will be seated. The narrowest part of Lake Balaton, about 1 km wide. Ferry runs on scheduled between Siófok and Tihany, Tihany fountain located in the area which is 10 meters deep.  Relatively a slightly more silty and sandy bottom can be found in the area more. 350 meters from the bank a 4-5 meters water deepness is not rare and  pretty dimpled as well. I have personal experience of the place, as I already had the opportunity to fish here. The wind can really move it, because this is the narrowest spot between the eastern and western -cost of balaton. Water flows here the fastest, so imagine that if on the eastern cost, east wind dominate, it is up to 5-10 centimeters can raise the water level. And if the wind stops the large body of water mass, which came into the western basin now flows back. Here recommended to use a large lead because the currents can make more difficult fishing during stormy period.


Tamás Csörgő: The Balatonudvari beach is also involved in the IBCC. All you need to know about it, that is 150 meters wide beautiful beach, power supply, bathroom and toilet available to the competitors. Preliminary information says which were told by the local fisherman that, anglers may have to try in short distances. Around 200 meters there is a very large hole, which south edge used to give a huges carps. I am sure that huge caps will be caught here as well as the other places and anglers will carry on the Balaton lake reputation.


Tamás Csörgő: On the north coast in a very decisive city, Révfülöp also support the IBCC. A nearly 300 meter wide beach waiting for the competitors. We are planning to put 2 teams here. According to preliminary information, water depth on 350 meter far away from the bank is around 3-3.5 meter, and of course also the bottom of the lake is spread with shell and rip-rap as well. The arriving anglers can expect huge carps catches as well, since the last few years plenty carp caught more than weight of 20 kg. Power supply, shower, toilet and can be found in this area as well.


Ábrahámyhegy also involved in the IBCC locations. I can serve personal experience to the competitors as well, since the last 5 years I had opportunity to fish here a couple of times, and a plenty of nice carp caught here. I would say a few Informations about water depths. Distance of 300-350 meters away from the shoreline, water depth reach the 3.5 meters. Relatively large muddy area located here. Ábrahámyhegy will give place for 4 teams. 2 teams will fish at the beach, and 2 teams will fish in the harbor. In both locations having power supply facility, toilets are available to the competitors. Having been fish here with friend In recent years, a lot of huge carps have been caught. This is a very encouraging sign to the arriving teams.


Tamás Csörgő: This beautiful, almost 500 meters wide lake shoreline is none other than the Balatongyöröki beach. This will be one of the IBCC locations. In this shoreline Four teams will go to fish the entire duration of the race. All should know in advance that 100-150 meters from the bank stone scatter bed located, the water depth is 2-2.5 meters in 100 meters, maximum allowed distance is 350 meters from the bank, here we count above 3 meters depth water column. What good to know is that power supply, shower and toilet, available for the competitors.


Tamás Csörgő : Vonyarcvashegy Lido beach will give place for three teams.  A few sentences about the beach in advance which hopefully will contain useful information to competitors. Car might be parked into the  area the time of unloading and loading. Power supply, toilet, showers, everyone has to be solved independently. About the race track I found out from the local fisherman that from the bank 350 meters away about 3 meter water column can be expected. on the middle course, there’s the tip which is more sandy, harder part, and the the two edges of beaches a bit muddy, quite a few carps have been caught here in recent years.

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