1. General rules:


a; Official name of the competition: International Balaton Carp Cup (hereinafter: „Competition”)


b; Organizer of the competition (hereinafter: „Organizer”): Tematik-Kábel Kft. (1012 Budapest, Márvány u. 17.).


c; Competition period: 22-28 April 2018


d; Competition location: Balaton


e; Center of events: Tihany


f; Official page of the competition:


g; Official Facebook page of the competition:


h; In order to maintain the standards and spirit of International Balaton Carp Cup competition,

please strictly comply with fishing ethics!


i; The IBCC is an international competition open to international teams.


j; The competition will be organized in „Catch and Release” system.


k; In establishing these rules, in addition to international regulations of FIPS / CIPS, international anti doping rules and conditions of OHR in Hungary, the Organizer has paid special attention to provide a balanced competition with equal chances for each team, to eliminate random events, both within the competition, and during weighing. The organizer draws attention to environmental protection rules and the dangers of alcohol abuse. People who do not observe these rules, after receiving the first warning, will be disqualified fromcompetition.


l; Attention: may join the competition only fishers with a flawless history in fishing,without ethical misconduct, offenses related to fish or legal offenses. During registration, the competitors are required to sign an affidavit. (see Annex 1)

m; The rules specified by the Organizer will be implemented in all cases, the organizer reserving the right to derive these rules

n; The incidents reported or observed by the organizers, will be investigated immediately, and depending on their severity, may result in disqualification

o; If it turns out that the participant’s affidavit contains incorrect information, the Organizer reserves the right to exclude him immediately or later, to recover awards.

p; The official languages of competition are English and Hungarian. Competition Rules (hereinafter: CR) will be prepared in Hungarian and English, and in case of differences of interpretation, because of translations, Hungarian version shall prevail. In case of inconsistency between Annexes and CR, CR prevail. Changes or additions to CR, under this regulation, will be published by the organizer from the first day of their adoption. Changes may mean conversion of the content or adding of new paragraphs to version 1.0. CR cannot be changed 8 days before the competition.

q; The official currency of the competition: Euro.

r; Hours set, both those in CR and those in the competition are provided by Central European Time (CET)


2. Schedule:


Boat Check:

20.04.2018                 12:00 – 18:00 cet             

21.04.2018                 08:00 – 16:00 cet

Registration at HQ:

20.04.2018                 12:00 – 18:00 cet

21.04.2018                 08:00 – 16:00 cet


21.04.2018                 16:00 cet

Offical Group Photo:
21.04.2018                 16:15 cet

Flag parade:
21.04.2018                 16:30 cet

Opening ceremony / Offical  peg Draw (Theater):
21.04.2018                 18:00 cet

Pre event  dinner party:

21.04.2018                  20:00 cet

22.04.2018                 07:00 cet

Start of the competition:
22.04.2018                 12:00 cet

End of the competition:
28.04.2018                 08:00 cet

Closing Ceremon followed by prize giving at theater hall:
28.04.2018                 14:00 cet


3. Apply


In addition to the changes of competition rules, the IBCC Organizers would like to retain the international character of the competition, therefore organizer set a 25 team quotas system per nation. It is a basic condition while selecting a team’s nationality that at least one of the team members must has the nationality of that nation. This quota system may be dissolve by the management on 30 November 2017.


a; Registrations are only done in writing on website, where you can find the registration form.


b; The acknowledgment and acceptance of the registration or notification of wrong completion of the form (incomplete) and registration number will be sent to the registered email address, together with the information necessary for the bank transfer.


c; Basic requirement of valid registration is that 500 EUR as registration fee must be paid within 5 business days after the registration.


d; Payment deadline of the remaining 700 EUR participation fee is 31st March 2018.


e; Evaluation and acceptance of the registration, or it’s possible refusal are done in order to completed transfer. The organizer may appoint back-up teams and sign a separate agreement on conditions and their availability.


f; The organizer is not obliged to explain the refusal of registration.


g; The total Participation fee (hereinafter: fee) of the competition is 1.200 EUR/team. The price includes the 500 EUR registration fee.


h; The fee for the whole team ensures the following:

– Fees of fishing place, fishing permissions and additional

– parking and camping fee, communal costs

– hungarian rod licence for fishing on Lake Balaton during the competition

– organizing and transaction costs

– obligatory insurance against accidents and for boats,

– meals on the opening and award ceremony

– costs of medals and trophies, plus contribution to award fund


i; The registration of the team is completed only when the 500 EUR registration fee is recorded on the bank account.


j; The registration of the team is completed when the whole entry fee is recorded on the bank account specified in the application form. Activation of registrations is done in the chronological order of receiving registration fees.


4. Registration


a; Location of the registration is in the hall of the event center.


b; Registration is possible only if the competitor has all of the necessary documents; the process ends with signing the fully completed registration form.


c; Each competitor must hand over and submit the following written records and documents to the organizer of the competition, in  absence of them, the participation in the competition is not possible:

– Passport / Driving license / ID card

– Rod license, license for state and territorial fishing

– Proof of competition fee payment


d; Each participant must sign the registration form.


e; With their signature, participants acknowledge that they have read and accepted the rules of the competition; moreover, they accept, in the case of disputes, to comply with the impartial decisions of the jury; declaration of acceptance of CR, is attached to CR3.


f; Each participant will receive a bracelet which he must wear throughout the competition.


g; The organizers will provide each team a waterproof security card that contains all the necessary and contact information.


h; During registration, a team member will pull the serial number by drawing of lots.

i; Teams that arrive in late to attend registration, cannot participate in the competition and lose their registration fee




a; In order to ensure that each point of the CR is complied, the organizers have set up the jury. President of the jury, as chief referee is responsible for organizing the competition, the manager responsible for competition organization and the members are considered adjuncts of the chief referee – 2 persons of the stands referees and 4 people of the participants to the competition. Jury decisions are taken on the basis of a simple majority vote in case of equality of the decision will be taken by the chief referee. More information about “Jury and referees” are listed in Annex 1 of CR.


b; Besides the Jury, are part of the official competition staff other stands referees, sectors referees, and technical and administrative staff. The right to issue directives for competitors only has the chief referee, his assistant or stands referees. Sectors referees, members of the Jury and other staff, according to CR, are required to inform the referee-in-chief, and in his absence, the deputy assigned.


6. Peg Draw


a; Pulling of places in the first round begins with extracting the order number by a member of the team designated on registration. So, the designee extracts a number that determines the order of drawing lots (i.e.; the team that pulls number 4 will be the fourth team to draw lots for place).


b; In the second round, the location of drawing lots for the exact location will be held at “Map of competition” where the designee will pull the definitive fishing place (eg. B3). The location will be identified with the help of the map. During the draw of lots, the organizers mark on the magnetic map, with flags marking the names of the teams, the places already selected. If there are teams that do not arrive on time for registration, the competition number and location of the stands will change as decided by the Jury. Further, at the data processing panels, identification of teams will be based on the codes at indicated at the start point and based on “Competition map”.


c; Taking places is prohibited before time 07:00, 22.04.2018!


d; There is no possibility of waiving drawn places.


e; “Competition Map” that marks the dividing of sectors and tracks, beacon locations and other important information, can be downloaded from competition website.


7. Teams


a; Each team will consist of a minimum of two, maximum three fishermen with full rights.


b; Register and participate is allowed persons at the age of 18 or older.


8. Equipment


a; A team can have four rods, with one simple hook.


b; There is allowed using two boats / team.


c; Using of sonars is allowed.


d; Each team is required to have at least 5 carp sack, with a minimum size of 80 * 120. They are necessary for the safe keeping of fish to weigh. The organizer does not provide bags!


e; During the period of the competition submission, then the proper use of the following equipment is a prerequisite and also the right of confiscation in case of failure to comply with terms. In addition to minimum 2 large landing nets (90x90x70 cm, minimum mesh fabric under 1×1 cm) is also allowed the use of landing nets with frame with a size exceeding 60x60x50, mesh with thick fabric described above, for fish weight less than 5 kg / piece. According to provisions, for those receiving minimum 2 carp mats for carps with a minimum inner size of 60×100, use is mandatory for the capture of fish weighing over 5 kg and their removal from the water, as safety support. Using of carp safety mat is mandatory also in the boat, when using the antiseptic solution (preferably transparent) and after photos shooting.


9. Boat and regulations issued by Waters Police from Hungary


a; For the safety of the competitors, the organizers will control their boats and their accessories according to the technical requirements and to the list of necessary equipment published on the website of the event.


b; The boats must comply with the requirements in the legislation in force in Hungary. These conditions will be posted on the website of the competition.


c; In the contest will be allowed to used exclusively boats checked at registration and evaluated as suitable.


d; If the organizers detect shortcomings in equipment of the boat, the control will be suspended.


e; After technical check, competition referees will issue a document certifying the existence and proper condition of the boat and equipments.


f; After verification, on the boat will be applied a seal with a unique identification signal. Removing the seal is strictly prohibited until the end of the competition.


g; The organizers have the right before or during the competition to conduct random checks of boats, detection of any irregularities leading to immediate disqualification.


f; Schedule for checking the boats on. 20.04.2018               12:00 – 18:00 cet


i; The boat has a maximum length of 5 meters.


j; Using inflatable boats is allowed.


k; Exclusively allowed the use electric motor.


l; The maximum speed of the boat is 15 km/h.


m; Mandatory facilities of each boat in use:

– a pair of oars

– two life jackets equipped with phosphorescent bars and whistle,

– anchor of a minimum weight of 5 kg,

– string with a length of 10 m, equipped with tow ring,

– fog horn


n; Wearing the lifejacket is mandatory throughout the competition. If this is not worn, competitors receive, in the first instance, a warning, the second violation of the rule leading to disqualification.


o; It is strictly prohibited to put the boat on water before the start of the competition. Violation of this rule leads to immediate disqualification.


p; The boat must be properly and safely secured to the shore.


q; Sleeping on a boat is strictly prohibited!


r; During the competition, each team can have two boats at the same time on the water. One of the three members must stay on the shore!


s; Changing the boat must be notified in advance to the competition referee.


t; There is mandatory the observance of rules regarding warnings and codes of storm related to Lake Balaton. These provisions are posted on the event website. The actual strorm warning:


u; Bathing into the lake is strictly prohibited during competition and after a first warning, continuing the activity leads to immediate disqualification.

r: Under 2nd storm warning stay on moored boat deck is forbidden


10. Official rules


a; The official start of the competition, palnned start, on 22.04.2018 12:00 cet.


b; The official end of the competition, palnned end on 28th April 2018 at 8:00 am


c; Using high power reflector, disturbing other fishers with luminaries and lasers are prohibited. Search light and small lamps can be used exclusively in justified cases (throwing, drill). Proper lighting is required at night fishing site and equipment thrown into the water. Using headlight is allowed.


d; As bait and lure can be used any natural product except live bait.


e; Four rods can be used simultaneously and backup rods are allowed to store in case of damage.


f; In case of violation of the rules mentioned above, namely in case of concomitant use of more than 4 rods, referees immediately eliminate the team from competition.


g; Fatigue of fish must take place, if possible, without disturbing neighbor teams. Repeated entry in neighbor sector without the agreement of that team leads to warning and subsequent disqualification.


h; The fish found in drill at the moment of signal for the end of the competition will be taken into account in the final result, provided that it be captured within 60 minutes.


11. Applying fishing rules

a; In the designated area and during the competition is allowed only the presence of participants, organizers and persons accredited by the organizers.


b; If a competitor with the boat on the water enters the sector of another competitor, a referee must be called to restore directions. The decision must be complied with by both teams.


c; Designated stand area can be left at a certain time only by one team member.


d; In the camp site booked for the competition must always be a team member


e; There is allowed to place a maximum of 4 beacons – markers / team in the fishing sector, but their removal is mandatory at the end of competition.


f; There is forbidden location of beacons – markers at a distance less than 25 meters from neighbors’ beacons – markers and to put the rigs to neighbors’ beacon – marker.


g; There is allowed to use any coloring illuminated beacon, less ones with green light.


h; Maximum distance allowable for fishing on the north shore (up to Keszthely) is 350 meters, down to Keszthely 450 meter, on both North and South -shore will be indicated by beacons – markers placed by the organizers.


i; To overcome either 350 and 450 meter areas carries punishment, 1st offence followed by warning, 2nd warning followed by immediate removal from the competition.


j; During the drill the competitor may leave the stand and exceed its own beacon – marker.


k; If competing teams do not reach a consensus on directions between their sectors, the referee will determine the imaginary direction, which cannot be overcome by either party.


l; Referees’ decision on any dispute over the boundaries of the sector will be mandatory for all competitors.


m; Using the bait boat is strictly prohibited throughout the competition.


n; Under 2nd level storm warning allowed to run into the water only in life jacket up to the maximum 1-meter depth and maximum up to 50m from the shore in the reason for netting or retaining fish is only at your own risk.

o; Under 2nd level storm warning, casting, feeding or any act of fishing is forbidden.


12. Local rules of the competition territory


a; After occupying the stand, the teams are required to maintain cleanliness and to protect the environment, and on stand leaving, must be in its original condition.


b; Lighting of fires is strictly prohibited on the territory of the camp, except for special places arranged for this purpose. Using camping gas sources is allowed.

c; The camp place of the competition is strictly the territory designated by the organizers, in all other cases, competitors must follow and abide by the instructions given by the designated marshal.


d; For competition safety and in order to avoid irregularities, car usage is only allowed in the competition area for unloading and loading the equipment.


e; Cars will be parked in special places, moving with them during and on the area of the competition is prohibited.


f; Competitors will keep their garbage in plastic bags with closure, they being collected and transported after competition by the organizers.


13. Weighing Rules


a; The organizers provide continuous weighing throughout the competition from sunup to sundown. Extra weighing may be requested during night in case 5 carp sack is used.

b; Competitors are required to actively participate in the process of weighing, photo shooting and data reception, weighing being possible to be suspended in justified cases, during fish fatigue process and capture.


c; Competitors are required to report every fish caught to the referee appointed for the sector by a SMS with the word “Fish” and the sector number, i..: Fish C2.


d; Before weighing, the fish must be kept in the carp sack in the required depht of water.


e; Weighing can be done only by using the scale provided by the organizers and presented to the team before the operation. Otherwise, weighing cannot be counted for the final outcome.


f; To the weighing must be present at least one team member, the referee and a person accredited by the organizers.


g; Weighing details (time, date of catch, competitor’s name, weight of fish) will be signed and thus validated by a team member.


h; Competitors are required to check the accuracy of the data included in the documentation.


i; After official weighing, picture will be taken of each fish in the following way: a competitor holds the fish, the other the sector plate, which contains all the necessary data.

j; To the weighing operation, priority is photography done by the referee for documenting the competition; personal pictures can be made later. The fish should be returned in water in the presence of the referee after photo shooting.


k; Change of documentation is only done by countersigning it.


l; In case of discrepancies between the weighing data in the possession of the competitor on the one hand, and of the referee, on the other hand, the data of the referee will be deemed valid data.


m; After completion of the weighing operation, the referee will send written documentation and photos to the central office of the organization to be registered.


n; Fish safety is priority and has primary importance, therefore, photo shooting and realing into water will be carried out with attention.


o; The fish should be returned to water immediately after weighing, in the presence of the referee.


p; Fish weighing over 15 kg, which according to the specific of the competition presents chances to win, must be weight twice in succession, and in case of differences, the greater weight will be taken into account and included in documentation.


14. Evaluation


a; For purposes of this competition, are eligible only carps with a minimum weighing of 5 kg.


b; The final winner of the competition is the team that caught the fish with the highest aggregate weight. If there is equality between the teams in terms of weight, shall govern the team that made the biggest catch (fish with the highest weight). If it still retains equality prevails the team with the highest average weight (total weight : number of captures). Determination of the following places will also take place according to points gained, but if the teams with the highest score from sectors are not on one of the first three places in the overall classification, they will receive special prizes (sector winners).


c; In order to provide continuous and objective information the stand will be displyaed on the competion official website: With the help of the map and list of participants, the result of each team can be easily identified on these panels. At each second interim results announcement, on the panels will be displayed in addition to the total weight and identify the variety of fish, the number of fish caught and average weight. Therefore, competitors have the opportunity to compare the results achieved within the team and on the panel.


d; The final result and classification will be communicated on 28.04.2018 (Saturday) at 13:00 p.m. in festive awarding of prizes. Appeals may be filed no later than the same day, 28.04.2018, 09:00 a.m.


15. Awarding regulation


There will be 2 compentitions inside the competion. It means that total weight and the 5 largest carp total weight will be awarded. Each teams will have a better chance!


Prizes for 5 largest carp total weight competition:

  1. place: EUR 5.000
  2. place: EUR 3.000
  3. place: EUR 2.000


Prizes for total weight of carps over 5 kg competition:

  1. place: EUR 30.000
  2. place: EUR 20.000
  3. place: EUR 10.000
  4. place: EUR 6.000
  5. place: EUR 4.000


Biggest fish: EUR 10.000


Sector prizes:

  1. place: EUR 1.000 + EUR 500 Voucher
  2. place: EUR 500 + EUR 500 Voucher
  3. place: EUR 500 Voucher


A team can win one prize, except the prize for the biggest fish.

29 teams will surely win

In the unexpectedly case of the sector without fish caught, the first three prizes will be awarded in that sector by drawing lots between the first three team in sector.

The above listed prizes, the organizer can provide a minimum of 200 teams.


16. Contestations, complaints


a; With impact on the interim results, complaints shall be submitted to the distribution of the following panels. With impact on the final results or requested instantaneous results of the team or any results of the competition, complaints shall be filed within 1 hours after the display of those results. Complaints submitted later will be rejected without further explanation.


b; After the start of the competition, competition rules cannot be interpreted, this is only possible during the presentation to the competition, on registration


c; In case of an irregularity notification and after filing the complaint (an advantage represents submission of supporting materials, i.e.: Pictures or videos), the case will be investigated and resolved within 12 hours or at the latest on 28.04.2018, at 12:00 o’clock


d; For administrative costs of claims, there will be paid a fee of 100 Euro / complaint filed.


e; If the complaint is considered founded by the referees, the fee will be refunded. If the complaint is not considered founded by the referees, the fee will not be refunded.


17. Force majeure


a; In the event of cancellation due to force majeure event, the organizer shall refund the fee within 30 days by bank transfer to communicated bank address. Where competitors voluntarily withdraw for reasons other than force majeure, the fee will not be refunded!


b; In terms of competition rules, force majeure events are considered the following: unexpected illness certified by a physician, accident certified by police, or compulsory attendance before a court, whose date cannot be changed. From the perspective of the organizers, force majeure events are considered particularly inadequate water level and unexpected deterioration in water quality due to pollution from external sources. In this case the damage will be assessed and notified in writing by the competent authorities


c; In case of the event of force majeure, from organizer’s perspective, after less than 50% of the competition, the results obtained until that moment will be canceled, the competition will be suspended and resumed the next season with the same persons registered. If the force majeure event occurs after spending more than 50% of competition time, it will be interrupted and the ranking will be announced in the results obtained until that moment. Announcing the cancellation, suspension or discontinuance of the contest is exclusively the right and obligation of the referee.


18. Rules of disqualification / exclusion


a; In case of exclusion will be automatically canceled all the results obtained until that moment, angling could not pursue further.


b; Snapping, marking or death of fish as a direct or indirect result of an intentional act leads to immediate exclusion from competition.


c; The presence of an unannounced person in the boat of the leading team results in the exclusion of the entire team.


d; Improper use of the boat is penalized by exclusion, after a warning absecne of life jacket, run into water without life jacket under 2nd level storm warning (8 hour suspension of angling).

e; Using boat during 2nd level storm warning leads to immediate exclusion from competition (Exception!!! If teams were alredy on the water while 2nd level storm warning take effect).


f; There shall be excluded from competition the team that after warning does not bring the boat to a corresponding state, in which referees have noticed inconsistencies with the security rules penalized by Yellow card (8 hour suspension of angling), 2nd warning immediate exclusion.


g; Any violation of the general rules of the competition or fish and environment protection penalized by Yellow card (8 hour suspension of angling), 2nd warning immediate exclusion.


h; Any attempt of bribery to competition referees or auxiliary person has the immediate effect of exclusion from the competition and announcing police.


i; There is punished by exclusion from the competition and announcement to the police of a fish brought by competitors that is not caught in competition.


j; Repeated warnings due to nuisance, excessive consumption of alcohol, violation of general rules of behavior also penalized by Yellow card (8 hour suspension of angling), 2nd warning immediate exclusion.


k; Receiving any outside help is punished by exclusion from the competition.


l; Catching fish with anything but hook leads to immediate exclusion.


m; To overcome 350 and 450 – meter penalized by Yellow card (8 hour suspension of angling), 2nd warning immediate exclusion.


n; Using boat at night: head lights or navigation lights are mandatory. Fail to observe of these rules are penalized by Yellow card (8 hour suspension of angling), 2nd warning immediate exclusion.

o; Under 2nd storm warning stay on moored boat deck is forbidden, act leads to immediate exclusion from competition


19. Organizer’s liability


a; The organizers are not responsible for accidents or damage to the equipment, its use is exclusively the responsibility of competitors. On the occurrence of damage or accident are valid the terms and conditions of the accident and liability insurance signed necessarily on registration.


b; By signing the registration form, the competitor acknowledges the risks and that the responsibility and consequences of deviation from the general rules are not incumbent to the organizer.


20. Media and marketing


a; Teams are required to support the work of accredited media representatives by granting permission to take interviews, make photos and videos.


b; By signing the registration form, competitors acknowledge that the pictures and videos taken during the competition may be published in the media.


c; It is strictly prohibited to publish their own records without prior written consent of the organizers


d; Upon the request of the organizers, competitors have to withdraw personal pictures posted online on any platform


e; Preparation of this regulation was based on EPBC standards (Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act) and permission was based on section 98 of the competition regulations published by the EPBC. As main referee of IBCC event, on behalf of the Organizer and organizers, I approve and make public this Regulation. (version 1.0, written on 18.08.2016).


Tamás Csörgő                                                                                                 Dr. István Dérer

Head marshal                                                                                                       Approved by

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