1st IBCC ended!

Final results are surpassed our expectations. Extra-ordinary total catches and average weight of the carp also above our expectation.


In the last morning of the competition the staff received a call that playing going on for an hour at Révfülöp. We were full of questions so the stuff drove to the place due to get more information. The biggest fish was caught by Tibor Tulipán, member of The Balatoni Halgazdálkodás Team. Weight of the carp was 23.60 Kg. A dream came true was said by Tibor, who was extremely happy about this fantastic catch

The winner of the competition, The B52 Fish Team II. members of the team are (Ocsovai Laszlo Ladislav Klement, Zoltan Fekete), 427.60 kg total weight. Fuky Chocolate-Team stand on the 2nd place of the podium, team members are (Karcagi Janos, Balogh Balint, Lökös Matthew), total weight 340.70 kg. On the Placed third is B52 Fishing Team I. member of the teams are (Posztobányi László, Fekete Károly, Bozóki Attila) total weight 283.50 kg. Total weight of the competition is 3131.80 kg in a week, which was made up of 346 fish, an average weight of 9.05 kg. Thank you to our supporters ans sponsors as well! Main sponsor of the IBCC is NASH. Thank you for sector sponsors as well. We would like to thanks for the work have been done by all the staff members, marshall, cameramen, and to the entire staff of the Fishing and Hunting Channel.





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Written by: Betti Zab
Photos taken by: Gusztáv Tóth
Translated: Gábor Monos
Web: Atilla Csákány

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